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May 232013

Everest Shadow

If this was the last night for Everest 2013 summits, advice it was a good one. But I learned a long time ago that just when I think it is over, there are a few more teams sneaking up!

We had over 50 summits Thursday morning.

First up is 80 year-old Japanese Miura Yiuchiro summits, setting an age record. He is an amazing man who I met in 2008 in the Khumbu Icefall. Very friendly and seems to enjoy life to the fullest! By the way, he had multiple injuries from skiing along with some surgeries and then summited Everest for his 3rd time. An inspiration to us all.

 Dave Hahn, Seth Waterfall and Tshering, Kaji & Gyaljen, with RMI made the summit. Their member had to descend with a bad cough. This was Dave Hahn’s 15th summit, a non-Sherpa record. 

The team with Patagonia Brothers also summited. And Tim Mosedale made his second summit of the season with his final few members. Also the group from Rolwaling put 15 on the summit.

Himex put  22 on the summit. It seems waiting for the last minute paid off for Mr. Brice!

Asian Trekking put their final few on top.

As I mentioned over the past few days, this weather window seems to be breaking down thus closing the spring season. But we will not know if someone wants to make a last minute attempt until the Icefall is closed by the Doctors. But there is still work to be done by all the teams to break down the high camps thus the Icefall will be open for another week. On the North, there is no real closure so it is the start of the monsoons that effectively closes that side. There are some small independent teams who might still make push.

I continue to update this blog through my final update.

Personal Note (repeat from yesterday)

With the season winding down, a quick note to say I will do a comprehensive recap of the entire season that looks at all the action, both good and bad., in a few days after the last summit. Also, I will continue to cover the climbing activity around the world on a regular basis, but not as frequently as Everest. if you have subscribed you will see a notice every few weeks but certainly not daily like this month!

Thanks to everyone who has followed along, those who made thoughtful comments, sent me emails but especially to those who made a donation to Alzheimer’s causes.

Please remember that I am just one guy who loves climbing. With 30 serious climbing expeditions including four Everest trips under my belt and a summit in 2011, this site tries to share those experiences, demystify Everest each year and bring awareness to Alzheimer’s Disease. My mom died from this disease a few years ago as did two of my aunts. It was a heartbreaking experience that I never want anyone to go through thus my ask for donations to non-profits where 100% goes to them, and nothing to me. If you are interested in hosting a fund raiser of having me speak at an event, please visit this link.

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