Summit: Audio Dispatch from Aconcagua

Alan on Aconcagua summit January 29, 2011

I summited Aconcagua on January 29th, salve 2011 with IMG. It was a great climb. Read the full trip report for all the details.

This is the audio dispatch I posted live from the summit; the second of my 7 Summits climbs.

Click to listen: [audio: 2011_ SUmmit Call.mp3|titles=Aconcagua Summit Audio Dispatch|artists=Alan Arnette]

These climbs are to raise Alzheimer’s awareness and $1M for research.  I lost my mom and two aunts to Alzheimer’s. Please join me to end Alzheimer’s by making a donation today. Read the details.

Please Donate for Alzheimers Today

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15 thoughts on “Summit: Audio Dispatch from Aconcagua

  1. Woo hoo Awesome Alan. Congratulations!! I’ve been in Chicago at meetings so I am just catching your news. Way to go !

  2. Awesome Alan! Congratulations and a safe trip home. See you at Everest in a couple of months.


  3. Way to go man! There genuinely are good people in this world,and i think its safe to say,your one of the best.
    3 for 3 on aco.Not bad man,not too bad at all!

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