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Climbing the World to End Alzheimer's
May 162011

Audio DispatchThis is the latest audio dispatch live from Mt. Everest; the third of Alan's 7 Summits climbs.

These climbs are to raise Alzheimer's awareness and $1M for research. Please donate today.

Climb On!
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  24 Responses to “Audio Dispatch from Mt. Everest”


    I wish you good weather and luck! Fingers crossed!


    I haven’t heard the disbatch yet but I feel the momentum n excitment building… I cannot believe ur tome has come. Today were celebrating my moms 71st bday, her mom n
    battled Alt’s… Praying for u n giving u much strength, safety n health from the gods above. Climb on!


    Hang in there – stay safe and warm and well fed. Fingers crossed for the weather. You sound in great form on top of the world.


    You rock!!! Can’t wait to follow the last leg of your journey. Fingers and toes crossed for you. Stay safe! Enjoy the moment!


    I am so excited for you! Hope the weather stays open! Best to the rest of the group & special thanks to Kami!
    Can’t wait for the next update, Climb on!


    Outstanding Alan, You sound so strong, so sure, so full of fullfillment, so healthy. Let’s keep it that way to the balcony, and this year beyond! Godspeed on both halves of the climb, the way up and the way down. Jim


    Go Alan go! You sound really fantastic in your latest audio dispatch and your writing just conjures up all the excitement and drama of the climb. You’re strong, you’re focused, you’ll make it, just keep putting one foot in front of the other! As Jono Kimber says, godspeed.


    Very excited for you Alan! I wish you much strength, good health, and favorable weather as you proceed on up the mountain. Love the updates, thanks for putting them out.


    Sagarmatha, Chomolungma, Peak XV, Everest: I think you’ve earned its respect. Best effort, relaxed intensity, that’s all you can offer. Hoping the weather gods smile. Best of luck.


    Alan, you sound great! I’m so glad you’re happy and healthy. I’m sending lots of good thoughts your way. Good luck and climb safe.


    Alan…fantastic and so glad that you stopped at C1…wise move and super time through the ice fall for you. Eat as much as you can and drink a lot of fluids….”trigger has been pulled’ and I am sure your will “answer the bell’ and be on top this Friday…really excited for you and say hi to Karim on his way down….”one step at a time!!!!”



    Go, Alan! You sound abslutely terrific. Our team members here in South San Francisco and our collegues on the east coast are following your updates and wishing you all the best.
    Be safe! Climb on!


    Hi Alan, i’ve adopted you as my ‘follow a climber on Everest’ prson this year as ive used your website to track other’s progress over the years. Give it your best shot, stay safe and godspeed…


    Alan you sound great!
    Take care and stay safe!


    Alan, our thoughts and prayers are traveling to the summit with you.


    Fantastic Alan!! I think the $196 for each foot doesn’t cut it with all of the rotations you have done, with the acclimation on other peaks to, you must be at 50,000 of climbing so far 🙂


    Go Alan! So excited for you, take care and reach for the top!


    Really pulling for you, best of of luck! Say hello to the top of the world for me. Then get down safe.


    Having been to altitude myself before, I have been listening carefully to many things you have said & posted. Across the board, on all factors, you sound spectacular, the conditions sound great. Knocking 1.5 hours off your icefall time is fantastic. That you did it on little sleep is stunning; that you did it without even trying hard… is an off the chart great sign. All lights are green Alan. Thanks for reminding us Alan that its about Alzheimers, so all of us with internet fans, friends & followers, let’s spread the word this week gang!


    Love the unabashed passion that you show and share. I am pulling for YOU!


    Alan,there is a lot of enthusiasm in your voice and its no wonder why.You’ve got your A game on and yes we are following…Climb On!!


    Go Alan go! Climb safe!


    How awesome! I am a partner at NHC where Jay works. Please tell him and his wife that we are keeping up with you all daily and are praying for your safety as you make this final push for the summit. Enjoy the climb!

    Many thanks to you Alan for posting this journey in such detail allowing us to share in this experience.


    Go, go, go Alan!! We are so excited for you!!
    Your friends at QECVI