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Climbing the World to End Alzheimer's
May 202011

Audio Dispatch
This is the latest audio dispatch live from Mt. Everest; the third of Alan’s 7 Summits climbs.
Click to hear the audio: Everest 2011 Summit Call
These climbs are to raise Alzheimer’s awareness and $1M for research. Please donate today.

Climb On!
Memories are Everything

  128 Responses to “Audio Dispatch from Mt. Everest”


    Congratulations Alan. What an amazing accomplishment! You are truly inspiration in your drive and commitment to spread the word and raise awareness about Alzheimer’s and devastating impact it has on your mom, you and families across the world. In your words….Climb On!


    Alan, I’ve been following your blog for years, and I just knew this was your year. There are many many people whose lives you have touched without your even realising it. We’re all as proud of you for reaching the summit as any of our friends and family. Congratulations for living your dream today, and for being such an inpiration to others all over the world.


    can some one send a web page to make a contribution with a credit card


    Crying right along with you, my friend. Thank you for being who you are and doing all you do for those of us who have been impacted by Alzheimer’s ~ and those yet to be impacted by the disease. Warm hugs to you and your entire team. You are our heroes.


    Congratulations Alan, i’ve been following you and three dominicans on your journey!! being dominican my self and fighting against alzheimer as well with my dad! thank you for the cause ! memories ARE everything!


    Totally awesome! Thank you for sharing this experience with those of us who wish we could be there with you. And now I hope for your safe trek back so you can continue this amazing journey for Alzheimer’s research. Climb on!,


    Fantastic news Alan! I’ve been following your updates from day one and am so happy for you. Safe journey down and look forward to reading more!


    Well done! got up this morning and the first thing I did eas crank up the laptop and check the GPS. An excellent effort for an excellent cause. Climb on…


    Congratulations and thank you for al the information on your site for all these years.

    Jaco from the Netherlands


    Huge congratulations Alan, you rock!!! What an achievement, and what emotion! Your mom was by your side throughout the climb, no doubt about that. You are a star!
    Grania Willis



    What an accomplishment – tears to my eyes! God Bless, and have a safe trek back down…thanks for all you do for Alzheimers – truly the extra mile! I am thinking of my dear friend with Alzheimers, and know that he can be better as a result of your efforts – thank you.

    Wow, Kathy in Wyoming


    Way to go Alan , now get down . thank for all years you have been doing this sight , It help the people who can never go to Everest see thur your eyes , Way to go Karen and Jim


    With happiness tears in my eyes: congratulations. I’ve followed your blog and standing in basecamp just a few weeks ago, sent blessings up the icefall. Your message to me is definitely “if you don’t first succeed…. If it’s important enough: keep trying”. Get down safe.
    From South Africa.


    Congratulations Alan. You inspire many. Be safe, come down and then enjoy!


    Alan…they “rang the bell” and you answered…what a stud and great time to the top fromC4…you were flying.
    You deserve it and “SAVOR” the moment…this is a “memory” that will last forever.
    “One step at a time” until base camp.
    Climb on!!!!


    Tears of joy in my eyes….
    Thank you Alan !
    Ida is so proud of you….


    From Team Jordan- AMAZING WORK
    We are proud to know you.
    Team JORDAN


    Well Done!!!! I am so happy and proud of you and I know your Mom would be too!

    Kindest regards

    Viv Metz


    Oh I am so happy for you. Thank you for your work and kindness. My father and I shared climbing long ago but it is only my memory now as he no longer can remember. What a wonderful achievement.


    Great job Alan!


    Congratulations Alan!!!!


    Full disclosure: I work with Alan on the campaign. That said, I share everyone’s excitement, pride, humility, and thankfulness at the wonderful accomplishment. I’ve been thinking of my Grandma all night, who suffered from this terrible disease. Climb On! Alan, and out very sincere and deeply heartfelt wishes for a very uneventful, safe, and speedy trip to Base Camp and on to home.

    I’ve been watching the GPS via all day and I still have chills as I watch you on GPS, having achieved the summit and now on your way home. Best to you and your family. Congrats to Kami too!


    Oh Alan, I am crying right along with you. I just got home and had a message from friend Dee who is also following you, and she told me you made it!!!! We listened to your audio together from one phone to the other and had tears of joy at your success. You were so strong and your mom was with you all the way. Get down safely and then bask in the light of this amazing accomplishment. You earned it! -Lori & Dee


    I can’t say enough how much of an inspiration you are! Not only for this climb, but for the cause you are fighting for. The community is anxiously watching your every move back down the peak. Climb on Alan! You, Kami, and the rest of the climbers on Everest stay safe on the descent!


    Congratulations Alan! We’ve been cheering you on from Reno, Nevada…so proud of your accomplishment!!! Now…for a safe return. Take care!


    Congratulations, Alan!


    Excellent work Alan- you earned the right to be up there. Great accomplishment!
    Greetings from sea level here on Cape Cod.


    Congratulations! Lori Schneider and I have been following your climb post by post. I’m so happy for you! You worked so hard for this. Way to go!
    Dee Johnson


    WOW Alan, I am so proud of for this amazing accomplishment on behalf of all our families! You have been so strong in every way. YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for photo’s & more news! You are the best!




    Congratulations Alan! Great job. Have a safe return.


    Thank the Lord he looked after you big time today.Thank you for your wonderful blogs and your fantastic broadcasts………and the one from the top was so appreciated there is so little air up there God Speed down the mountain,as one writer coined Getting down is mandatory
    DrDave South Africa


    Congratulations Alan! Looks like you are back at South Col. Well done!


    Congratulations Alan. Have a safe trip down.


    Way to go my friend! Congrats on your huge accomplishment! Safe travels back down to camp!


    Cheers Alan
    Ihave never met you but have followed your Everest coverage over the past three years. I could never see myself at the top of the mountain outside my window let alone Everest, but you give everyone who frequents your site amazing insight into what it takes to accomplish such a feat. Absolutely amazing…I too watched you throughout the day and gave a hearty cheer, although there was noone in my office to hear it. Great job, and I will continue to follow you down!


    Congratulations! Such an amazing feat!


    hi Allan, well done, you are a shining star. safe journey back. your mum will be proud of you. climb on. jim. p Hereford. UK


    Way to go man! Get down safe! Cant wait for dispatch down lower!


    Well played sir. Congratulations! Stay safe until EBC. Thanks for sharing your quest so eloquently. Fantastic effort.


    We were watching you advance all day with great excitement. We know how much this means to you and couldn’t be happier for your success. Thank you for all that you do for the Alzheimer’s community.


    Congratulations Alan !! Ida would be so proud !! I have to believe she is smiling from heaven and is so proud of you !!!

    We are so proud of you !!


    Phil and Vickie


    Congratulations on your summit and on overcoming the demons of your repeated past attempts! Wishing you a safe trip down. -Vik


    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! SO happy for you and all the rest of the summiters!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!!!


    Warmest, heartfelt congratulations ALAN– to you and your team ! you were 29,000ft + closer to your Mom and to all our loved ones by extension, and you have enriched and inspired all our lives and honored those memories. way to go, and come home safely. Have a hearty Western breakfast at Mikes in Katmandu on your way home! I’d say you more or less EARNED IT !


    Well done mate. You have done it…..nothing more needs to be said buddy!


    Great Job!


    Great Job! Congrats!!!


    YAYYYYY way to go Alan!!!!! Congrats and have a safe trip down!


    ALAN!!!!! What a night, what a day! How happy you must be. I cried when I heard your dispatch–thank you so much for sharing such a personal yet public moment with us. Please stay safe on the way down–let us know as soon as you reach Camp IV! I’m jumping up and down for you, Alan!


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