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Climbing the World to End Alzheimer's
Oct 212011
2011 7:00 AM” src=”×169.jpg” alt=”Alan on Carstensz Pyramid’s Summit October 22, there 2011 7:00 AM” width=”225″ height=”169″ /> Alan on Carstensz Pyramid’s Summit October 22, 2011 7:00 AM

I summited Carstensz Pyramid on October 22, 2011. It was a great climb. Read the full trip report for all the details.

This is the audio dispatch I posted live from the summit; the 7th of my 7 Summits climbs.

Click to listen: [audio: Pyramid 2011 Summit.mp3|titles=Carstensz Pyramid Summit Audio Dispatch|artists=Alan Arnette]

These climbs are to raise Alzheimer’s awareness and $1M for research. I lost my mom and two aunts to Alzheimer’s. Please join me to end Alzheimer’s by making a donation today. Read the details.

Please Donate for Alzheimers Today

Climb On!
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  24 Responses to “Summit: Audio Dispatch from Carstensz Pyramid”


    You’re a class act Alan. A sincere congratulations from East Tennessee.


    Great job Alan, a heartfelt congratulations to you. I hope you have a safe journey on the way out.



    Well done, Alan! Congratulation on Carstenz! Sounds like the traverse and rock climbing was alot of fun! Glad the weather was so nice. Safe descent and travels to Australia.


    great job Alan!!!have a safe decent


    Congratulations Alan. Nice Work!! What a journey, safe travels on your return.


    Congratulations Alan! You set extremely high standards, and you meet them. Great to have you raising awareness for Alzheimers. Climb on!


    Well done Alan you are truelly a rock of inspartion


    Alan…super job and so glad that you were able to chopper in and hopefully you can do the same on the trip out. Enjoy Thredbo and Kozzy…take the Charlotte Pass Trail to the top and have a “Kozzy” beer on me.
    Wonderful accomplishment and all for the right reasons.

    John Dahlem


    Congrats Alan! Well done on the climb and the message that you’ve shared around the world this year. Safe raps down and to Australia! Climb in my friend!


    Woo Hoo… doin’ the happy dance here… CONGRATULATIONS !!!…You are an amazing person !!!


    Congratulations to you and your team. Keep your wits about you on all those raps. Enjoy the success and feel proud of all you have accomplished in the fight against Alzheimers.


    Well done, my brother! Climb On and climb safe!


    You did it again Alan! Congratulations! Have a safe rappel down and enjoy your 8th seven summit down under 🙂


    Congrats once again ALAN!!!


    Yahoo!!! Congrats, Alan! What a climb – and the trip down should be entertaining, too 🙂
    Your summit dedication message is areally good. Hopefully the thousands of people following you pass it along to father and their families.
    best wishes and..
    Climb on!


    well done Allan. you are a star. been following you all year and yea you are a hero.
    awesome achievment ans such a worthy cause. safe climb down. hope to chat with you at a later time when you have time.
    climb on.. jim.p


    Congratulations Alan…great day- perseverance pays off. Be safe!


    yeah baby!!! Way to go!! Get down safe

    33 sections–wow. hang tough 😉


    Sounds wild. Enjoy.


    excellent news Alan; good luck on the climb!


    Glad to hear your voice, Alan. Sounds like you’re ready to go! Looking forward to the pictures.
    Climb on!


    Enjoy the climb Alan – looking forward to that film of the tyrolean traverse!


    Have a great climb, Alan.


    Awesome! Climb on Alan!