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Apr 082014

Everest from Pumori

We have Everest teams all over Nepal at the moment. Bad weather in Lukla forced some to take buses to Jiri where they are still trying to get to Lukla. Others have taken helicopters due to their flexibility over the fixed winged flights.

A few teams are at Base Camp and those climbing from Tibet, well that still won’t leave Kathmandu until April 10.

But we are also in the normal blackout period for communication as those who are already in the Khumbu dependent on unreliable 4G cell phone service to post dispatches. Even those teahouses with Internet access are notoriously poor.

So with this lull, let me introduce a few more climbers you might find interesting

Jelle Veyt

Jelle just cycled from Belgium to Kathmandu in 5 months and covered 13.000km. He is now in Namache waiting for the rest of the Asian trekking team to join him. His website is

South Africans Sibusiso Vilane and Saray Khumalo

Sibu was the first black African to summit Everest and is going back this time to attempt the summit without oxygen.  He also did the North and South Poles.  He is a real inspiration for the youth of South Africa.  It is Saray’s first attempt and if she succeed she will be the first black African lady to summit. They are also climbing with Asian Trekking. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Best of luck to these climbers.

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  7 Responses to “Everest 2014: The Migration Continues”


    Having been born in Tanzania it makes me proud to see my fellow Africans Sibu, Saray and Steve Obayi putting Africa on the map. Good luck to all of them, will be rooting for you, and will also be rooting for young Alex (18 years!!) and Matt (16 years?!!). So many good stories as ever with Everest 🙂


    Go go sibu!! Make us proud again!! God speed!


      Sibu is a great example of showing us a way to achieve your ambitions in life no matter how you get to the starting line. Great stuff may your dream come true Cheers Kate


    Jelle Veyt reminds me of Göran Kropp in 1996.


    The Altitude Junkies (Ricardo Pena) is posting some great photos from the hike from Lukla to EBC