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Climbing the World to End Alzheimer's
Jul 262014

We are proud and thrilled to report that Alan Arnette and his teammates have successfully reached the summit of K2!!!   Congratulations to:

Alan Arnette – USA

Matthew Dupuy – USA

Garrett Madison – USA

Kami Rita Sherpa – Thame Solu Khumbu, advice Nepal

Fur Kancha Sherpa – Thame Solu Khumbu, Nepal

Kami Tshering Sherpa – Pangbotse, Nepal

Just an hour ago, Alan told me over the sat phone that he greatly appreciated the help of his team mates, especially Kami Rita Sherpa.  He said he hugely appreciated everyone who has been following and supporting this expedition to fight against Alzheimer’s, especially Albila, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and USAgainst Alzheimer’s.

Then in a powerful and emotional voice Alan emphatically said: “Tell everyone I can feel their support. Tell them I appreciate it. Tell them all that we can beat Alzheimer’s. Ask them to donate so that we can beat it soon.”

That is Alan’s message from the summit of K2 to all of us.

Please donate now. Thank you.

Be sure to listen to Alan’s blog post just prior to this one to hear his stirring words, recorded on summit of K2.

– admin Jim, on behalf of Alan Arnette who has now climbed K2 for Alzheimer’s.

  89 Responses to “Alan Arnette’s message from the Summit of K2”


    Congratulations Alan !!!
    K2 Done & Dusted 🙂

    Climb On !!!




    Great climb, Alan. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Safe return, and Happy Birthday!


    I should have said congrats to the entire team on the summit; well done all!


    Namaste, congratulations to your entire team and you! What a birthday present. Just descend safely to make the celebration complete.


    Not much I can say at this point; I am in awe!!

    You are the man Alan



    Congrats to the whole team! What an undertaking and waiting to hear that you all made it down safely.


    Hearing your audio message nearly brought me to tears. You have my total respect and admiration. Thank you thank you thank you for laying your life on the line for others.


    Congratulations, Alan.


    My two feelings today: Respect and Joy. Safe descent to all.


    Congratulations Alan, we knew you would make it ! You are an inspiration to all of us! Get down safely.


    Alan – I am a friend of Matt Du Puy and learned about you from following Matt – I have profound respect for you and your efforts to find a solution for Alzheimer’s and I will make a contribution in your honor. And I also have deep respect and awe for your achievement on K2 today with Matt and the others. While listening to your sincere and heartfelt comments I feel that I know you – I hope we will someday meet. But now, please descend safely and, with a new mantra for me. “Climb On”


    Many Many hearty congratulations, Alan for you & your team’s success to reach the much desired summit of the savage mountain K2. Your dedication for the noble cause of Alzheimaar Disease is well appreciated by all of us. We accord ouyr heartiest thanks for the same.


    Congratulations!! Get down safely!


    Fantastic! Congrats Alan.


    Congratulations. Safe travels down. Looking forward to hearing about your climb in person.


    Congratulations To The Six Of you. What An Awesome Accomplishment. I Can’t SafeStopLooking At This Site To Live It With you. Hope Everyone Is Getting Down safe. Can’t Wait To See Pictures And Hear The Whole Story. Happy Birthday Again. And Wow!!!


    Wow! Congratulations don’t seem to be enough oft the grand summit! So awed! Safe home! Memories are everything.


    Congratulations Alan what an amazing achievement. Just keep safe on the descent!


    Fantastic! Magnificent!


    I had tears in my eyes listening to your words early this morning, after following your climb for hours last night. Even dreamed I was at advanced base camp last night. Thanks for inspiring us all, and also for what you do for all those living with a neurodegenerative disease. That is what this is about and I have made two donations in your mom’s honor. Thanks for shedding light to the world about this struggle, through your own struggle with each grueling step. All my best to you on your birthday, to Matt and Garrett, and to the amazing sherpa team. Looking forward to your safe return and your powerful words.


    Massive congrats to Alan and team on a momentous achievement. Have a safe descent and looking forward to reading your account. Truly amazing stuff!


    Congrats! Fantastic achievement.


    Alan, you are absolutely incredible. What an inspiring journey!


    Congratulations Alan on summiting K2, come back safely to fight one more day against Alzheimer’s


    Wonderful news! Great day for you all! Make a safe descent!


    Hi Alan,

    Congratulations to you and your fellow climbers. Your had a dream and you made it happen. You are an inspiration to me!



    wooooo, unbelievable. You the man Alan!


    Dear Alan ,congratulation to u ,teammates,support staff,simply gr8….


    Congratulations Alan & his team!! Congratulations to everyone who reached the summit of K-2 successfully!! Thanks for everyone who visited Pakistan in difficult times!!


    Congratulations Alan & his team!! Congratulations to everyone who reached the summit of K-2 successfully!! Thanks for everyone who visited Pakistan in difficult times!!


    Summitted! Congratulations Alan! You can be really proud of Youssef! I am absolutely happy right now!!


    Absolutely amazing! Well done! Hope Alan gets back down safely 🙂


    Now this is the real mountain of mountaineers Alan so to summit it is the biggest achievement. Well done to you and your team. Get down safe and tell the world what this climb was like. Amazing job well done!!


    Amazing amazing achievement Alan and team. Thrilled for you. Please stay safe on your descent from the summit. I look forward to hearing all about this the most epic of adventures which you have achieved.


    Moved to tears that you managed to pull this off on your birthday. Safe way down all, fingers crossed!


    Awesome job. Incredible performance alan. Take care abd descend safely so you can keep up the fight. Congratulations! !!!




    Wohooo – you made it! Congratulations! Now have a safe trip down!


    Get home safe Alan, I lost my auntie (third family member to succumb to the disease) to Alzheimer’s just as you started your summit bid, I hope you get home safe so that you can continue your amazing fundraising work.


    I’ll never forget joining you in this climb . . . from the day you said you were doing it (when I gave a small donation) to hearing and seeing your updates as you trained – and being relieved to see how mentally and physically prepared you were for this most dangerous of adventures – to the excitement and fear for you of the past few days as you made your determined way to the top. Now you’re on the most dangerous part of all . . the way down. Like many others at this moment I’m willing for your every step to fit into a safe and sure foothold and for your astonishing mental strength to keep you going until you’re back to safety. I’ll be making another donation in a minute – after all that’s why you’ve undertaken this daring feat that has put your life in mortal danger – to make us all aware of the need for more money for research into this pernicious disease. I’m doubly happy to donate – firstly, to honour your achievements and secondly, and not something I tell many people, because Mum’s got Alzheimer’s . . and it’s hard.


    An amazing, inspirational feat.

    It was thrilling to watch your progress to the summit in real-time on SPOT this evening. It’s actually just as exciting watching the descent. At this moment, about 3 hours post-summit, you appear to be about half of the way back to Camp 4.

    Prayers for a safe descent, and congratulations!


    Congratulations! You are another inspiration!!




    WOO HOO!!!!! Happy Birthday, Alan! So happy for you and your team! What an amazing, inspiring climb it’s been! Now, to all of you–still have my best vibes heading your way for a safe trip down! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Happy Dancing-but more to come when I see a post that all are safely back at base camp!


    Answered prayer ….. Alan and all made it safely to summit of K2. Waiting to hear that all safely made it down. Godspeed to all of you!!!


    Well done Alan – greetings from South Africa


    Awesome News! Congrats Alan job well done now get down safely!


    Congratulations on reaching the summit. Come down safely, with all other climbers. Deep (India)



    Woohoo! So stoked for you and your cause Alan. Get down safe! Having a good Aussie brew for you In celebration. You inspire me beyond words!

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