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In 2007 and 2008, I am undertaking a challenging goal: The Road back to Mt. Everest. This is a year long journey where I will attempt to summit Everest in 2008 plus raise $100,000 for Alzheimer’s research. In preparation, I attempted Denali in June 2007, now Shishapangma in September 2007, next Orizaba in January 2008 and then Everest. In between I am climbing more of my Colorado 14ers. Using a system of a digital camera, PDA and satellite phone, I will send dispatches directly from the climbs. Register for email notifications below.

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Get to the Airport Now!

Sitting at the local pizza place, we were enjoying the local High School band led by Jason, playing lead guitar and singing lead vocals. Just as the peach skinned young star finished their creative rendetion of a grateful dead hit (a real crowd pleaser according to Jason) we headed back. March saw us as we walked up and he gave the thumbs up ....

With the urgency of Jason's band groupies, we hustled to put on our climbing boots and throw the 100lbs of food into the van. Soon our team of eight was bumping down the dirt road towards the airstrip. Hearing the droan of turbo props above we high-fived and joked with anticipation as we pulled up to the hanger.

And then it was over. Not going to happen.

Our pilot had made the only run to the glacier today and radioed back that he would take us up. But as he was taking off, the cloud moved back in and he called it off. He even turned back a team about to land in another plane since it had become unsafe.

There are over 200 climbers waiting to be picked up at base camp on the glacier so the pilots are anxious to clear things out. We just want to get started.

Maybe tomorrow...

Climb On!


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Paul Adler [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Wow Alan, That must be disappointing to have to wait another day. Are there many ahead of you in the queue for flights when the weather clears? How do they work out who goes first? I presume you have had a chance to check out the shops in Talkeetna. Can you buy much climbing/expedition food in Talkeetna or do you really need to make sure that you have it all with you before you get there? Cheers, Paul.

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