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What Time Is It, anyway??

Kathmandu! What a city. After leaving Colorado early Thursday morning, I finally arrived in this wonderful city. Nothing has changed. The last time I was here was in 2003 for Everest. The arrival at the airport was what I expected - organized chaos. I had checked my bags through from Denver to Kathmandu via United and Thai airlines. Yes, I live dangerously. But one was 63lbs and the other 55 so I really had no choice. In Bangkok, they assured me my bags were on my Thai flight but the anxiety was still there until I saw the red one poke through the hanging straps on the conveyor belt. But where was the black one?

After six million, five hundred and twelve more bags, it finally appeared. OK maybe it was only nine but it FELT like six million! I swung both along with my huge carry-on onto the 2.5 wheel trolly and headed through security. I always get behind a local family with four kids and nine bags tied with twine (no exaggeration this time). The inspectors usually wave me by while they deal with the family. It worked like a charm. Once through the exit, the combination of heat, humidity, a mass of humanity and being back in Nepal all hit me. Sensory and emotional overload. It felt good.

The guys from Project Himalaya had their sign and somehow picked me out of the crowd. Hmm, maybe it was my blue jeans or sunglasses... I had met three of my teammates at the Bangkok airport and soon we were gathered together and jammed into the small van for a short ride to Hotel Marshyangdi. The ride was amazing as always. Cows sleeping in the middle of dirt roads, cars honking. cows grazing by the roadside. Women carrying huge baskets on their heads, Cars honking. Frustrated traffic cops directing everyone and no one from stands in the middle of the street. Cars honking. Small shops with their tin awnings open for business along the road. Trees barely hanging on for life line the streets. Dust penetrating everywhere. And cars honking. I will think about this during the still quiet of the night at 23,000 feet.

I keep trying to get straight what time it is but here is the problem. Colorado is 13 hours behind Bangkok and Kathmandu is 1:15 behind Bangkok. When we fly to Lhasa it will be 2:15 ahead of Kathmandu. But when we drive to BC ... well I have no idea what time it will be! Perhaps we will use Lhasa time or maybe Kathmandu time. But when the sun rise is even more problematic. Here is what the worldclock site says for Lhasa:

Civil twilight begins at 7:08 AM, ends at 8:43 PM
Nautical twilight begins at 6:39 AM, ends at 9:11 PM
Astronomical twilight begins at 6:10 AM, ends at 9:40 PM

I think I will go by Sherpa time - when the milk tea is ready in the morning and the Dahl Bat at night.

More from Lhasa!

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I want to remind everyone that I hope to post a few videos on the site. Take a look at the the right side panel on the main dispatch page to see what is new. I will alert you when I post one but you will need to use the drop down menu to see it. I posted a Welcome Video the day before I left so take a look to see how it works. Also, my favorite video from Longs Peak and the attacking marmots!

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