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The Final Leg of the Journey Begins

gear.JPGThe Road Back to Mt. Everest began over a year ago. It had two parts: raise awareness and money for Alzheimer's research and climb five mountains culminating with Mt. Everest on April and May of 2008.

How time files!

Tomorrow I get on a plane and end up in Kathmandu on Saturday.

This past year has been one of excitement, disappointment, victory and lessons. I have learned so much about Alzheimer's and the devastating impact it has on so many. I have experienced it first hand through the fading memories of my Mom.

The climbs turned out just like I wanted. While I did not summit some, I learned valuable lessons on all and today my confidence is at an all time high for climbing big Hills.

The last minute turmoil in Tibet caused us to switch to the south side and we will be climbing from Nepal on the South Col route, the same route I climbed in 2002 and 2003.

There have been many rumors and misinformation about Everest this year. The mainstream press picked up the story a week late and consequently the stories were old and inaccurate news. The websites often printed rumors or had misleading headlines. Confusion reigned.

In addition to my real-time dispatches, you can get a general overview of what is happening this season from the links in the right column on this page. My experience shows these sites are the best:, and two emerging blogs: The Adventurist and The Adventure Blog.

We have our climbing permit. We have not been officially notified of any climbing restrictions from Nepal due to the Chinese torch climb on the north. However, I am expecting some kind of “guidance” once we get to Base Camp. And we will deal with it.

I was looking forward to climbing from the north but the Chinese effectively closed that option with their restrictions designed to allow them to take the Olympic torch to the summit without incident. However the resulting violence in Lhasa has been ever so sad and not what any country or Olympic Game should symbolize.

My team is solid. There are Scott and Angus from Canada, Al from Colorado and Ryan, our leader. I have climbed with Ryan in Pakistan and Argentina. I know and trust him.

My bags are packed. I have the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund flag in my summit pack. My last minute phone calls made.

I leave confident in mind, body and spirit. But most importantly I leave with a sense of purpose and commitment. I will make it...

Remember: Memories are everything.

Climb On!


Comments (14)

Jami Lupold:

Hi Alan ~

Prayers go out to you and your team from Houston, Texas. We have friends from Canada climbing with Dan Mazur: Dr. Christian Otto and younger brother Eric as well as a group from Johnson Space Center with astronaut Scott Parazinsky. Maybe ya'll will meet up. I'm doing a live video conf. with my elementary school students & Christian Otto later in amazing learning opportunity for kids who practically live on the beach!

God's Speed!

Jami Lupold, Houston, Texas, USA


My family and I are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. We think that your efforts to raise funds to cure Alzheimer's is truly a noble cause...Thank you!

God Speed,

Chuck Norman and family
Orlando, Florida


Alan, best of luck on this season's climb! I have been following your site for a month or so and am greatly antipating hearing of your efforts. While myself I am a hiker at best, I will always dream of the summit which I will never attempt. God speed!


all d best man :) wish u a safe n successful climb...



Been following you for some time now.
Wish i was heading there with you myself.
Good luck, be safe and God speed!


3rd times a charm my friend. You will make it.

Hey Alan,

Best of luck! We all know you are ready and we are looking forward to following along.

It has been a long trip--but this is what it was all about.

Climb On!



Best of luck and keep us posted as often as you can. Climb on. :-)




I started following your site during last years climbing season and have followed your dispatches thoughout the year. I look forward to following your climb this season. I wish you the best of luck and be safe.


Pete and Jill:

Safe travels, God's speed, and greatest of success Alan!

Pete & Jill


Alan, although I don't know you, I found your page this evening - ironically - right before you are going to fly to Nepal. I am fascinated by Mt. Everest and the people driven to climb it, although I don't ever plan to try to climb it myself (rather, I just read and read and read about those who do climb Everest). So, good luck to you and I hope you summit and descend safely. I plan to follow your adventure. Thanks for sharing your adventure with the rest of the world.

Columbus, Ohio

Robert LeClair:

Alan - all the best on your climb to the top of the world! Climb On!


Best of luck to you Alan!

Joe & Linda:


Travel safe, Lin & I will be watching and sending our positive energy your way.

Joe & Linda

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