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Everest Audio Dispatch: from the Summit of Kala Patar

Alan describes the views of Everest from the summit of Kala Patar and his feelings about the upcoming climb.

To hear this Everest audio dispatch, just click on the play button. Thanks for listening and following Alan on The Road Back to Mt. Everest: Memories are Everything. This is about more than just climbing mountains....

Climb On!


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Robert LeClair:

Hello Alan! Great to hear your first audio dispatch and your first peak at the highest point on earth. I'm equally pleased to hear you're in good health and feeling strong - this is your year!! Spring in Colorado is temperamental at best (snow Thursday) but Patrick and I are planning our return to Missouri in May. We'll be sure to scream your battle cry! ;-) All the best and look forward to your next dispatch.

Climb On!



Wow Alan how amazing to hear you from around the world!! Cheering you and all the other climbers on. My thoughts are with you all for safety and success.

Hello Alan, my name is Robert Linkul. Over the last two years I have been training climbers in the weight room to climb mountains like Whitney and Everest. In the last six months I have begun my own training program to climb a few mountains starting with Mt. Rainier in September. I have found your website and your consistant updates very interesting and very informative. I am truly impressed with such hard work you put into the website. Best of luck on your climb and thank you for providing such great information to us all.

Be safe and climb smart
Robert Linkul

Martin Davis:

Hi Allan,
Noticed your link on the mount everest website (and also LinkedIn) and just finished going through your dispatches. Glad to see things are going well. I'll be cheering you on from the states. You picked a great challenge for a challenging disease.

Be safe and have fun. Hope to climb with you again some day soon.

Your buddy,
Martin D.

melissa hughes:

I've been following you for years and just wanted to thank you for the updates the last few years and the audio dispatches this year. i am excited to be with you vicariously for your summit this year. take care up there!

Mark Sheen:

Hey Alan!

Mark Sheen here. Been following you the last few eeks and its good to hear you are doing so well!! I am off to K2 this May with Wilco and Ger and some other climbers but will be with you in spirit for sure. Please say hi to Ryan and sounds like the team is doing really well and I will stay tuned.

By for now,


Alan, Thanks again for allowing us to share your experience from the comfort of our homes around the world! Great to hear your voice sounding so healthy on your dispatch. We'll be sending good thoughts your way for a successful climb!
Memories are everything, Jim & Joan


Hi Alan,

Thanx for letting us "play along at home"! I so appreciate your perspectives, insights, photos, and explanations.

Best of luck with your goal for the Alzheimer Fund and your Everest summit. I'll be following via your dispatches.

All the best and stay safe!!

The Wellness Center:

Love the dispatches. My name is Steve Putnam, I'm the director of a small wellness center / fitness facility in West Virginia. We are currently getting ready to start our "Indoor Everest Climb". This is the second year for our event. We will be following your efforts this year and cheering you on. We are also raising money during our indoor climb and we will then make a group donation to The Cure Alzheimer's Fund. We use the treadmills, stairmasters, and other equipment to simulate the climb. At the higher altitudes we use an oxygen mask to restrict breathing and simulate the decreased O2 levels. Last year we had 9 climbers start and 8 reached the summitt. We post daily updates from your site. Our local newspaper is going to run a story about your quest and our event to help us raise more money. Good luck! We'll keep you updated on our climb and money raised. -Steve


Hi Alan, Great audio post! Makes me feel like I am almost there with you ! I bet the schools will love the audio posts, too! Your are back to the icefall!I will be seeing you cross all those ladders successfully.. the power of positive thinking,, right!
Take care, Renee

Alan- great audio dispatch! Glad it is going so well for you. If you get a chance, please take photos of Pumori's East ridge and South ridge for me - thanks. Best of luck. Jim D.

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