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Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. We have visited there together once and I have traveled to Sydney on business several times. Each time I am more impressed not only with the city and architecture but more with the people. While different from a more relaxed Melborne, Sydney offers a quiet understated confidence. Click here for more pictures.
The Opera House from across the Quay
Sitting on the edge of one of the most largest natural harbors in the world, the city skyscrapers loom down on the waterside and the famous Circular Quay (pronounced 'key'). The harbor waters are a deep blue and never dirty. There is almost always a cool breeze blowing.

One of the most impressive pieces of architecture calls Sydney it home: The Sydney Opera House. Perched on tip of Bennelong Point, the Opera House's white roof is a sharp contrast to the deep blue water. Danish Architect Jorn Utzon won fame throughout the world for his design but became the scapegoat of a scandalous political affair and in 1966 withdrew from his project. It was opened in 1973 by Queen Elizabeth II.

and I attended a Valentines Day concert in the Opera house in 1998. The sound was fantastic but just being there was special.