How to use this site

If you are new to this site, this page will help you find your way around. There are over 5000 pages and thousand of pictures on the site. There are trip reports, essays and editorials plus detailed information on 36 major expeditions and many other climbs. Here are some tips on using the site.

The Blog which is a general blog mostly about climbing topics but could be anything including coverage of the annual Everest Season

Page Organization

Each page has the site menu in the upper left corner, the site logo and then the page subject at the center top. Most pages have a specific menu under the main title. A brief summary of that page is under the page menu followed by the information. A search box plus links to five site resources are at the bottom of every page.

Menus and Navigation
An identical menu is located in the upper left corner and at the bottom of every page. Click on the main logo at the top of the page to go to the home page at any time.

The site menu in the top left expands by placing the cursor over the each subject. It is organized as follows:

  • Mountains: 61+ mountain pages organized by world location. All pages have another menu below the main title with links for that climb including pictures, essays, trip reports, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), dispatches, videos and other climbing links. Each page is unique to that climb and is based on my personal experience.
  • Resources: pages about gear, guides, training plans, mountain comparisons, other sites, climbing merchandise, polls and more.
  • Photography: an introduction to digital photography with an emphasis on climbing cameras, some of my best pictures, picture of non-climbing trips around the world and an extensive collection of climbing videos.
  • Editorials: essays on politics, business management, career and climbing plus Alzheimer research and Environmental causes.
  • Speaking: information about Alan's public speaking
  • Contact: how you can interact with Alan or provide feedback on the site.

There are thousands of images throughout the site. Most of the big climbs have a dedicated presentation, including a slideshow. Usually it is broken into several presentation such as the country, the people, teammates and elements of the climb itself. If you are interested in buying or using any other images, please contact me.

Most of the climbing videos are on one page in an easy to use menu structure. Click on the play arrow to watch the video. They are usually less than 4 minutes each.

Interactive Features
The Blogs are an open forum for discussions about climbing topics. Alan moderates the conversations. Guest can vote in the Polls and see what other visitors think. No private data is collected.

Site Map
All of the pages on the site listed under their major category for example climbs, pictures essays, etc.

About & Privacy

A description the site's purpose and policies including privacy and forum/comment moderator policies.

What's New

A current listing of a new or updated page including a short summary of what's new.

Please email Alan with any question, comments or site feedback.