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Hi, I’m Alan Arnette and welcome to my site. Click to see what's new for the latest updates.

If this is your first visit, welcome. If you are one of my 3 million regular visitors, a sincere welcome back. My climbing and this website's objectives are on behalf of Alzheimer's causes and to share my own climbing experiences for information only.

The site is owned and run by Alan Arnette, is not sponsored or associated with any company, product or brand. It is for information only and not for advice.


I retired from a 29 year career with HP in early 2007 to oversee my mother's final years with Alzheimer's. I enjoyed different jobs with HP in several US States and European countries. My work ranged from sales to marketing to product development to running worldwide businesses and almost always in a Management role. My other interests include: photography, animals, business and of course, my family. My personal philosophy of life has always been one of balance. I try to put an equal amount of energy into my work, my family and time for myself.

Animals have always been special to me: from my first Guinea Pig, Ralph, to my long time friend, Preston a.k.a. Roy, an excellent Lhasa Apso to my beloved cats Max and Mimi. I love all kinds.

Digital cameras changed my life! There are thousands of images on this site with the majority taken digitally. I am adding more images and videos all the time. Please visit the Best Shots page to see some examples of what is on the site.

There is an editorial section on business based on my experiences. I try to share these experiences through a series of essays on management, careers and business in general and always with a connection to climbing.

Summit Coach

If you dream of climbing mountains but are not sure how to start or reach your next level from a Colorado 14er to Rainier, Everest or even K2, I can help.

Summit Coach is my consulting service that helps aspiring climbers throughout the world achieve their goals through a personalized set of consulting products based on my 20 years of high altitude mountain experience and 30 years as a business executive. Please click for more information on signing up, services, pricing and why select Alan as your coach.

Summit Coach, LLC is a Colorado based company.

I have three areas of interest: professional speakingclimbing and Alzheimer’s causes:


As a speaker, I offer a unique approach where I combine my time as my mother's caregiver plus a career of running global businesses through the eyes of my mountaineering adventures to get audiences to think about goals, overcoming obstacles and celebrating life. My most popular presentation is Passion and Purpose: Making your Mark on the World. This presentation is a high impact multimedia presentation for corporate audiences takes audiences through the three phases of accomplishing a challenging goal: preparation, execution and overcoming adversity. My Everest for KiDs presentation is also popular for children of all ages.

Alan on Ama Dablam


As a mountaineer, and I use that term loosely, I have been on 36 major climbs around the world since I started at age 38. I have climbed well above 6000 meters over ten times and Everest (29,035/8848m) four times summiting on May 21, 2011 Other 8000m summits include Manaslu (26,759' /8,156 m) in October 2013 and K2 (28,251'/8611m) on my 58th birthday on July 27, 2014 making me the 18 and oldest American to summit K2.

I have climbed all of Colorado's 58 14,000' mountains. I completed climbing 7 of the 8 "7 Summits" between November 2010 and October 2011. You can read all the details on this site.

My site's content is primarily about climbing with each major climb having a dedicated section with a trip report, FAQs, pictures, videos, and short stories. There are climbing resources that list my gear, my training and links to guides, web sites and more. The menu on the top-left of this page is repeated throughout the site so start there or take a look at my climb summary. A good place to start is to compare the climbs from Rainier to Everest or the 7 Summits in easy to read tables.


And for my last area, Alzheimer's Advocate, this is what my life's work is all about now. This disease has no cure, impacts over 25 million worldwide and took two of my aunts plus my mom, Ida, in August, 2009. Today, my climbing is to raise Alzheimer's awareness and research funds so that our children’s generation will never experience this robber of memories and lives.

I use this site to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease and the impact on individuals, caregivers and their families plus ways you can get involved before it is too late. To make this as real as I can over the internet, please visit Memories are Everything® for my personal experience.

I have conducted three large scale projects for Alzheimer's: The Road Back to Mt. Everest in 2007/8 with climbs on Denali, Shishapangma, Aconcagua and Orizaba plus Everest. In 2011, The 7 Summits for Alzheimer's: Memories are Everything® campaign where I climbed 7 of the 8 of the worlds highest peaks on each continent aka The 7 Summits and in 2014, Climbing K2, the world's hardest mountain to fight the world's hardest disease, Alzheimer's.

All of these are to raise awareness and $1M for research.

Donate to Alzheimer's

The Alzheimer's Immunotherapy Program of Janssen Alzheimer Immunotherapy and Pfizer Inc. funded my climbs for the 7 Summits campaign and ongoing efforts between November 2010 and November 2012. All money I raised then and now from donations goes directly to the organizations I have selected. During the campaign, content posted here was my own but subject to certain limitations in conjunction with the support of the AIP. Abila sponsored my K2 expedition.

From 2015 to 2020, Project 8000 where I will attempt the 8000 meter peaks over the next 5 years reaching 100 million people and raising $1.1M for Alzheimer’s.

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I am a contributor to Outside magazine and Rock & Ice magazine on climbing subjects. If you will forgive the self promotion, Outside Magazine posted in February 2013 an extensive interview with me where I talk abut my childhood, mountains, Everest and of course Alzheimer’s. I appreciate their interest and help. They even said I was "one of the world's most respected chronicler of Everest

Everest 2018 Coverage

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If you would like to use any content or an image for personal, non-profit, educational (including children's books) or commercial purposes you will need written authorization and be asked to make a donation to an Alzheimer's cause or pay a fee. Please email me with the request. I (Alan) regularly agree to requests and will arrange payment and ask for credit by placing this line without modification below each of my images:

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If are interested in the Everest maps, they are only available as described and in the size and resolution you see on the site and not in a hi-res format. You may download and use them here under these conditions:

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I ask this to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer's; not to generate income for me personally. I am sure you understand that my images cost significant time, money and effort and will agree to my simple terms and make a small donation in respect for my effort.

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100% of your donations go directly to Alzheimer's research, education and awareness! None go to Alan's climbing expenses.

Please Donate for Research Today

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