My Favorite Photographs

Incredible wildflowers near Redclound Peak in Colorado's San Juan Range

Welcome to my Favorites Gallery. This is a set of albums with my favorite pictures from my climbs and travels around the world.

I don't claim to be great climber or photographer but I had a lot of fun on the travels and cherish each picture. I have a saying I use in my fund raising for Alzheimer's research - Memories are Everything®. Well each of these pictures have a special memory and story attached that is special to me.

I hope you enjoy them.

This picture of wildflowers was taken in 2008 on a climb in Colorado's San Juan range. They were simply stunning with the background.

Climb On!


A Mother goat and her kid on the summit of Quandary Peak in the Sawatch Range of Colorado

Goats are quite common in the Colorado moutnains. This Mom and her Kid were taking it all in on the summit of Quandary Peak in the summer of 2007.

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How old are you? - Children in Lhasa Tibet in 2007

I love taking pictures of kids on my travels. I asked the boy on the right how old he was. With some help from his friend he finally showed me. This was in Lhasa Tibet in 2007.

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Sunset off Kona, Hawaii

What is better than a beautiful sunset? Well a beautiful sunset in Hawaii where we celebrated my wife's 50th birthday.

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Thamserku and Kantega, Nepal - 2003

I have been fortunate to climb big mountains all over the world. This is one of my top photos of all time. It was a clear day on my way to Everest in 2003 and I just looked up and sanpped this one.

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A marmott in Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado

Marmotts always keep you company in the alpine areas. This guy was alterting his friends that I was around with sharps squeaks - I think he needed oiling!

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Along the Baltoro Glacier in Northern Pakistan

This is one of my favorites. I was trekking up the Baltoro Glacier on the way to our Broad Peak and K2 expedition in 2007 when this scene unfolded.

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A Colorado Sunset

What a joy to live in Colorado. A typical summer sunset.

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Sunrise Climber on Mt. Rainier

In 2004, eight friends and I climbed Mt. Rainier. I was roped in a team of four when we came to this turn on the dawn climb. I looked up, grabed my camera and snap!

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