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I always wanted to visit the Himalayas in Pakistan. The mountains are legendary: Gasherbrum I,Gasherbrum II, Nanga Parbat, Broad Peak and, of course, K2. The view from the confluence of three glaciers at Concordia is live postcard few get to see in person. In the summer of 2006, along with a team managed by Field Touring Alpine (FTA), I attempted Broad Peak (26,401') and planned to make a good effort on K2 (28,250').

I reached 21,000' on Broad or Camp 2 before abandoning the climb due to weakness that resulted from a severe bug I contracted on the trek in. The Karakorum ranges was magnificent and I was very lucky to have unbelievable weather for the month I spent there.

I sent frequent dispatches using a system that includes a digital camera, PDA and sat phone.

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BP Climbers leave safely, K2 avalanches plus new pictures and videos

Posted on July 15, 2006 05:02 PM U.S. Mountain Daylight Time

As you know by now the Broad Peak climb is over. I have publish new pictures and videos on the site. Here is a list

of all the pictures and videos. Just click on any one to go there or visit the dispatch home page.


K2 - Broad Peak 2006 - Pictures

Faces of the Karakorum
- Pictures

Baltoro Glacier -Pictures

Climbing Broad Peak - Pictures


Karakorum Highway
Road to Askole
Ryan and the HAPs celebrate the summit back at BC
K2 and Broad Peak Video Clips
Alan's Welcome Video

remember to select the video, pause a moment and then click the play buttom on the player. If you have a slow connection this may take a few moments to start.

I have also written a trip report for my time in the Karakorum. You can find it at

Karakorum 2006 Wrap-up

Congratulations to all the Broad Peak climbers for a great effort. I am very happy that everyone got off Broad safely - it is a testiment to your collective judgement.

The K2 team is waiting out some bad weather but the forecast calls for a good next few days. Wilco reported avalanches that may have wiped out some of their camps. There have been reports of avalanches all season on K2 from the early teams.

They have roughly two weeks to climb so lets keep our fingers crossed for a safe summit and return. Ryan will continue to post audio dispatches on this site and remember to look at Wilco's site for updates. They are now publishing in English as well as Dutch. Thanks guys!

Here are some examples of the pictures on my site:


K2 from BP Basecamp

Climbers at BP C3

Amazing Peak in the Karakorum

Climb on!