Alan Arnette: Audio Dispatch from K2 for Alzheimer’s

This is the latest audio update from Alan Arnette climbing K2 for Alzheimer's. Please donate generously to support the cause. 100% to the non-profits, none ever to Alan.

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16 thoughts on “Alan Arnette: Audio Dispatch from K2 for Alzheimer’s

  1. Hey to Rick; following your journey while I’m on my own in Catalonia. Your team sounds like its full of good energy. Love & a big hug,

  2. Voice sounds clear and calm. As always, you paint a vivid picture with your words. Stay safe!

  3. Alan,

    Your voice sounds great! No shortness of breath or coughing or anything. A great sign for your climb to C2. Keep healthy and safe!

    Thanks for taking the time to bring us with you and encourage us to join your cause. You’re an inspiration.

    1. Climber Jim, do you have aspirations of climbing K2 ?? I always feel better hearing his voice on the dispatches. That means he is well and safe…I hope you are having a great day. Not so nice here in Ohio today. Lots of severe storms passing through. Take Care, Laura

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