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Welcome to Alan Arnette’s blog, home for his expedition dispatches, coverage of the Everest seasons, climbing news, and Alzheimer’s. If you are one of my millions of visitors, a sincere welcome back. Visit the About page for information on this site.

I dedicate my work to those with Alzheimer’s Disease and my mom, Ida Arnette, who died on August 16, 2009, from Alzheimer’s. Your donations to one of the selected Alzheimer’s non-profits go 100% to the non-profits, none ever to me.

My site’s climbing content has dedicated sections for each of my major climbs, including a trip report, FAQs, pictures, videos, and short stories. There are climbing resources that list my gear, training ideas, links to guides, and website links. A good resource is to compare the climbs from Rainier to Everest or the 7 Summits in easy-to-read tables.


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Summit Coach: Professional Climbing Coaching

If you dream of climbing mountains but are not sure how to start or reach your next level, from a Colorado 14er to Rainier, Everest, or even K2, I can help. Summit Coach is my consulting service that helps aspiring climbers throughout the world achieve their goals through a personalized set of consulting services based on Alan Arnette’s 30 years of high-altitude mountain experience and 30 years as a business executive.

Summit Talk: Professional Speaking:

  • Acclaimed Keynote Speaker
  • Corporate, Government, Education, and Non-Profits
  • Speaks frequently at Alzheimer’s Conferences
  • Global Events
  • Presentations on Leadership, Advocacy, and for KiDs


  • Oldest and 18th American to summit K2 on July 27, 2014, at age 58
  • Four Everest climbs, summited on May 21, 2011
  • Summited 7 of the 8 “7 Summits” between November 2010 and October 2011
  • 36 major climbs around the world since starting at age 38
  • Climbed well above 6000 meters over 13 times
  • Climbed all of Colorado’s 58 14,000′ mountains
  • Rock and ice climb as skills training for my alpine routes

Alzheimer’s Advocacy:

  • Works closely with several non-profits
  • Met with multiple members of Congress
  • Raised a significant amount of money for research
  • Appeared on live television, radio plus print, and online media

Mountaineering Storyteller

Outside Magazine noted that I was “one of the world’s most respected chroniclers of Everest.”

I am honored to be a member of the Explorers Club and the American Alpine Club.

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