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Climbing the World to End Alzheimer's
Aug 252018
My Summit Video from the 2014 K2 Climb

It took a while but I finally got around to editing all my K2 video clips from our 2014 summit climb into one short (33 minute) video. As regular readers remember, all my climbs are to raise awareness and research funds for Alzheimer’s Disease. I became the oldest American at age 58 and the 18th American to summit K2. We summited on my birthday July 27, 2014. The video starts with our arrival in Islamabad, then the journey via planes, and FJ Cruiser’s to the “end of the road” at Askole where the 80-mile trek to K2 Base Camp begins. continue reading

Sep 042014
K2: Descending is the Real Climb

I summited K2 (28, 251 feet or 8611 meters) on July 27, 2014 struggling and fighting for each meter. Three times I went to a place deep in my essence looking for the energy to continue. Now the challenge was getting back to Base Camp and home. Through 2013, of the 84 deaths, 31 had occurred on the descent, 37%. On Everest the rate is 27%. I  was exhausted but more problematic was that I was developing High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema aka HAPE, a fatal condition where the lungs fill with fluids stopping breathing. It would take at least two continue reading

Aug 272014
K2: A Summit of Unknowns

We had spent five days reaching the high camp on K2. Climbing the Black Pyramid was the most fun I had ever experienced on an 8000 meter mountain. It was full on rock climbing at 22, 000 to 24, 000 feet with extreme exposure. I felt alive and fulfilled. As I arrived at Camp 2 , Camp 3 and Camp 4 a cough had developed that I dismissed as normal high altitude climbing. But in fact it was High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema aka HAPE, a fatal condition where the lungs fill with fluids stopping breathing. The only cure is descending continue reading

Aug 072014
K2: Your Questions

I am back home in Colorado now still processing my summit of K2 on my 58th birthday last month. As I made the long journey home, I was thinking of how I can somehow repay in a tiny way your kindness and support for me. I am forever grateful for every donation to your choice of Alzheimer’s non-profit. I hope to get a tally soon. But another thought was to try to share my K2 experience through a Q&A on this Blog. Just post a question in the comment section and I will do my to answer it. If you continue reading

Aug 052014
K2: The Journey Home

Well the climb is over as I’m actually on my way home. It has been a lifetime experience that brought into sharp focus my passion and purpose in life. Climbing K2, the world’s hardest mountain, to fight Alzheimer’s, the world’s hardest disease. The 75 mile trek from K2 Base camp back to Askole was very difficult on me as I had little time to recover from the summit push plus was suffering from mild pulmonary edema aka HAPE, dehydration and general fatigue. We walked for three days covering 25 miles each day taking 10 to 12 hours per day. Once continue reading

Aug 022014
K2: No Victory Lap

Our team is back in Skardu now after one of the most grueling treks out I have ever made. As I had mentioned, the descent from K2’s summit was as difficult and physical as the up climb. We only spent one day resting at K2 Base Camp and then trekked 25 miles per day on the Baltoro Glacier for three days, sick or 75 miles. Each day was 8 to 13 hours. My body never got a chance to catch up. I now have lost at least 15 pounds and am extremely tired. Today we took a six hour jeep continue reading

Jul 292014
K2: Tired but not Sick, Humbled and Grateful

Just a quick update. I will post a full summit night report plus a full trip report when I can. We are all back in K2 Base Camp safe as of 8:00pm July 28, 2014. The bottom line for me is at K2 is in a league of it’s own, deserving of my mantra of climbing the world’s hardest mountain to fight the world hardest disease. I will say this many times, my heart goes out to all who supported me and especially to those who made a donation – it is not too late 🙂 I was deeply saddened continue reading

Jul 262014

We are proud and thrilled to report that Alan Arnette and his teammates have successfully reached the summit of K2!!!   Congratulations to: Alan Arnette – USA Matthew Dupuy – USA Garrett Madison – USA Kami Rita Sherpa – Thame Solu Khumbu, advice Nepal Fur Kancha Sherpa – Thame Solu Khumbu, Nepal Kami Tshering Sherpa – Pangbotse, Nepal Just an hour ago, Alan told me over the sat phone that he greatly appreciated the help of his team mates, especially Kami Rita Sherpa.  He said he hugely appreciated everyone who has been following and supporting this expedition to fight against Alzheimer’s, especially continue reading

Jul 262014

Alan and his teammates are pushing hard for the summit of K2 right now! They left Camp 4 about 5 hours ago (about 10:40 pm on Saturday 7-26 Pakistan local time) and are making good progress. The weather has been very good these last few days, s and the route might be in good shape as about 18-20 climbers summitted K2 yesterday, after a very long day of climbing. Congratulations to all those who climbed yesterday, summit or not. Thanks to all the climbers, Pakistani high altitude climbers and Sherpas who put in the fixed lines. Alan can’t post to continue reading