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Climbing the World to End Alzheimer's
Aug 182011
Elbrus 2011 Final Trip Report

Climbing the highest peak in Europe was more of a cultural experience than a mountaineering accomplishment. That said, the climbing on summit day was challenging and rewarding and I found Russia a great place to visit. In my normal manner for all my climbs I have added a few pages to my site to document the expedition: Elbrus 2011 Trip Report with videos Elbrus FAQ Elbrus Photo Gallery In general, it was a good trip and I am very pleased with my personal performance on this climb. I had always planned to climb Elbrus from the traditional south side and continue reading

Aug 132011
Elbrus Summit Recap

Well, prescription I am back in Southern Russia at my hotel after a very fast and successful summit of Mt. Elbrus at 18,583 feet. As usual I will do a complete trip report but here are the highlights. We arrived at the Elbrus Base Camp on Sunday, August 7 and took another few days to reach the High Camp at 12,000′. The weather was good throughout the week so I was a bit worried when we took a rest day after an acclimatization climb to 14,500′. After eight days at 17,200′ on Denali only a couple of weeks ago, I continue reading

Aug 102011
Summit: Audio Dispatch from Mt. Elbrus

I summited Elbrus on August 19, 2011. It was a great climb. Read the full trip report for all the details. This is the audio dispatch I posted live from the summit; the 6th of my 7 Summits climbs. Click to listen: [audio: 2011 Summit.mp3|titles=Elbrus Summit Audio Dispatch|artists=Alan Arnette] These climbs are to raise Alzheimer’s awareness and $1M for research. I lost my mom and two aunts to Alzheimer’s. Please join me to end Alzheimer’s by making a donation today. Read the details. Climb On! Alan Memories are Everything

Aug 092011
Elbrus Summit Bid Tonight

We leave for the summit of Elbrus tonight after midnight. I will turn the SPOT on when we leave High Camp.The last two days have been spent acclimitizating through climbing to 14,500′ to Lenz Rocks on the East part of Elbrus and a rest day today (Wedne…

Aug 062011
Touching the Elbrus Snow

Climbing Russia’s Mt. Elbrus is as much of a cultural experience as it is mountaineering. Today we carried our summit gear from Base Camp at 8200′ to the edge of the glaciers on Elbrus’ North side at 12,000′. Tomorrow we move there and to the High Camp…

Aug 052011
A Russian Smile

The 747 hit the Frankfurt runway with the finesse of a fighter jet landing on an aircraft carrier in a hurricane. Wow, I thought, if this is Lufthansa I wonder what my intra-Russian flights will be like? And with that I was part way to Mt. Elbrus and my hotel in the Southern Russia town of Kislovodsk. For some of these 7 Summits, it feels like just getting there is an adventure. For Mt. Vinson in Antarctica, I flew a Russian cargo plane crammed between the cargo and a stand-in for Sean Connery at the controls. For Carstensz Pyramid in continue reading

Jul 282011
Highest in Europe: Here I Come!

I am off to climb the highest peak in Europe. A quiz to see if you can name which mountain most often noted as Europe’s highest but are mistaken according to cartographers and politicians. Mont Blanc at 15, store 782 feet is the highest peak in Western Europe thus leaving Elbrus, check 18, 510 feet/5,642m in Southern Russia nestled between the Black and Caspian Seas the highest is all of Europe. So why the controversy? Well Russia is actually in both Europe and Asia. Western Russia, including St. Petersburg and Moscow, are claimed by Europe while the sparsely populated areas continue reading