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Shisha Pangma 2007 Recap Plus a New Climb!

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Nov 192007

Hello everyone. It has been a little while since I sent an update. I have three announcements: a recap from Shisha, drugstore a new climb and a new opportunity for educators during my 2008 Everest climb. I have posted a full and detailed recap of the 2007 Shisha Pangma climb just completed in October. All in all it was a great climb that I consider a success in spite of not making the summit. Read the recap at this link. I am very excited to announce another climb before Everest. I will be climbing the highest mountain outside the Himalayas continue reading

Back Home!

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Oct 162007

Well, ed another Himalayan expedition is complete. I was able to change my return flights and got back home a few days ago. The rest of the team should be in transit today or tomorrow from Kathmandu. I have posted on my site many of the almost 2000 pictures I took. They are organized by: Climbing Shisha Pangma Faces of Tibet (my favorite) Scenes of Tibet (a close second) Lhasa My Teammates and I You can navigate to them via this link or the images below. Next will be a trip recap where I will review the entire expedition in continue reading

The Expedition is over

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Oct 052007

The weather has turned bad once again. The team at the highest camp was prepared to leave early this morning, > Friday October 5th, but never left camp as clouds shrouded the ridge to the Central Summit. They are returning to ABC. Several others at camp 1 are now preparing to return to ABC. Some may leave early and return to Kathmandu but most will be back there around October 15. To my knowledge no one summitted Shisha Pangma this season. It has been one of the snowiest in recent memory. There is one climber on another team still on continue reading

Summit Time!

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Oct 022007
Summit Time!

The good thing about the weather is that it changes often. After three days of bright sun and moderate winds, click our routes seem in much better shape than previously believed. On the other hand, the Spanish team targeting the Main Summit, have decided to leave all together. Our team is the last of the major expeditions here plus a few independents. We are targeting the Central Summit. The current forecast shows a period of light winds around October 7th and 8th so we are moving into position for a summit bid then. I am leaving ABC (finally) for C1 continue reading

A Big Thank You and Choices

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Sep 302007
A Big Thank You and Choices

It is very difficult to express what I felt when I saw the email from Katie at the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. She told me that we had a record number of donations this week. I read the words and the names of some the donors: Paula, Troy, Nicki, Paul, Renee. I put the PDA down and sat crossed leg in my tent. I re-read the message. My eyes took on the thousand yard stare towards the snow covered hillsides. What is the emotion beyond appreciation? What is the feeling beyond satisfaction? How do you describe motivation and encouragement? How can continue reading

Random Thoughts and a Plan

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Sep 282007
Random Thoughts and a Plan

My eyes lock onto my heavy boots and sharp crampons as I take another step up the steep snow slope towards camp 2 on Shisha Pangma. Then another and another. The pattern continues. My breathing is controlled yet sounds like a steam engine. My stare is unbroken. Then something changes, the snow underfoot becomes less steep, the angle lessens, I feel the relief of the mountain on my gait. I look up. The tents look tiny yet they are very close. Out tents sit in a small depression on a blanket of snow. The valley is defined by a 7000m continue reading

Resending Alan’s Last Dispatch of September 25 – The Waiting Begins

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Sep 252007

There was an error in the link for Alan’s latest dispatch. I have been able to go in and grab it and get it posted. You will just need to look to the right where there is a blue box called ABOUT and click on the underlined – The Waiting Begins. That should take you to Alan’s latest dispatch. You can also view it by going directly to the website.

The Waiting Begins

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Sep 252007
The Waiting Begins

Everyone is back at Advanced Base Camp except for Jamie who wanted to stay at Camp 1 and monitor the snow conditions. Every other team has also returned to ABC. The snow and low cloud moved in on Sunday night and we have experienced light to moderate snow since then. So with our acclimatization climb complete to 7000 meters, search we are ready for our summit bid but …. The climbs to Camp 1 and 2 were excellent. We left Advanced Base Camp last Tuesday for the interim camp called Depot Camp. The nicest feature is it’s location next to continue reading


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Sep 252007

I spoke to Alan this morning (Monday) and he has asked me to post an update since he is unable to send out any dispatches. There is a problem with the communication equipment at advanced base camp and they are not sure when it will get fixed. They are unable to send or receive any emails. Alan wanted all of the family and friends of the climbers to be aware of this problem so you would not be worried when you did not hear anything. Everyone is safely back to ABC. It is snowing heavily and the temperatures have dropped. continue reading

Shisha Pangma Audio Dispatch – at 7000m!

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Sep 222007

Alan describes what it is likea t 7000m on Shisha Pangma. To hear this Shisha Pangma 2007 audio dispatch, just click on the play button. Thanks for listening and following Alan on The Road Back to Mt. Everest: Memories are Everything. This is about more than just climbing mountains…. Climb On! Alan