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Jan 032012
Jordan Romero - my thoughts Updated Jan 2012

The first time I heard that an 11 year-old was climbing the 7 Summits, I dismissed it. 11 years old? Where does he get the money. Who will take him on these climbs? And, what does a 11 year-old know about climbing anyway. Well a few years went by and I heard about this kid again, but this time he had climbed 5 of the 7 and was on his way to Everest. Whoa. Jordan Romero is not your ordinary 8th grader and his father Paul is not your ordinary Dad. Jordan saw a painting at school showing the highest continue reading

Jun 182010
Final Everest 2010 Stats: 513 Summits

There were 513 total summits on both sides of Everest in the spring 2010 season. This according to Asian Trekking’s Ang Tshering Sherpas regular news letter. He said there were 157 foreigners who summited along with 190 Sherpas on the south and an estimated 165 on the north side. He further quotes the Grand Dame of all Everest statics, Ms. Elizabeth Hawley that 5070 people have now summited Everest since 1953 and about 3431 of those are single summits with the rest being multiple summits.

Jun 152010
Continue to Follow the Climbs

Please continue to follow the climbing news and my own adventures by reading The Blog on Everest 2010 is now over so all future updates on Everest and other climbing news will be posted on The Blog. I regularly add dedicated pages to my main site for my own climbs such as the recent climbs of Colorado’s infamous Little Bear Peak or the US’s highest peak, Mt. Whitney. Use the menu in the upper left of this page to explore the site.

Jun 082010
Everest 2010 Follow Up- Race for Youngest

Even though the season is over and climbers are back home, the ramifications from 2010 still echos throughout the climbing world. There are two developments – youngest records and the search for proof that Mallory and Irvine summited in 1924. First, the records race. This is precisely what people feared from the 13 year-old Jordan Romero’s summit. According to this article, Sherpa Pemba Dorje wants to find a younger climber to summit in 2011 saying that all Everest records should belong to Nepalese.

Jun 032010
Everest 2010 Season Summary

By recent standards, view Everest 2010 was a safe and successful year. There were about 513 summits with 4 reported deaths, search all on the north, and several injuries and rescues. The total Everest summits broke the total 5,000 (about 3500 are multiple summits by Sherpas and guides) level since the first in 1953. This year’s story line for climbers and their families was the weather, however it was all Jordan Romero and Apa Sherpa for the rest of the world. For the first time in several years, the north operated in an almost normal manner. Teams dealt with a continue reading

Everest 2010 Team Locations

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Jun 012010
Everest 2010 Team Locations

My coverage of Everest benefits Alzheimer’s research. If you enjoy this coverage, check please donate generously today. 100% of all donations go to research – zero to me. On this page you will find the 2010 team’s final statistics based on their public information and an overview of this season’s most recent stories. Click on any headline to read the full story. 513 total 2010 summits     South Col Route   TEAMS BC C1 C2 C3 C4 Summit: 347   Adventure Consultants (5) e         4/10 Alpine Ascents Int. (12) e         9/11 continue reading

May 282010
Cleaning the Mountain (updated)

It looks like the Everest season has finally ended with  a big cold slap in the face to many teams on both sides. The weather deteriorated for the few teams making a push this week so much so, some classified it as the worse ever. Another death was reported earlier this week of a Japanese climber on the north, still no details. But another death was also mentioned and again now. Details are vague at . Duncan Chessell told the Australian news: “They were the worst conditions I have ever encountered by a factor of at least 10 on the continue reading

May 262010
The Everest Rescues and another Death (update 3)

With the summits mostly ended, climbers are making their way back down to Base Camp. As they recover from their summit push, there stories are emerging of rescues. Once again, we are seeing tangible proof that the climbing community is a tight one; especially in times of need. We are also seeing that pure accidents happen in spite of every precaution and mountaineering is dangerous and altitude s everyone the same; regardless of experience. While impressive and motivating to non-climbers, one of the downsides of having a 13, 16 and 22 year old summits this year is that it could continue reading

May 252010

On what could have been the final push for 2010, many climbers summited from the south including a record 12th summit for Dave Hahn who was guiding Leif Whittaker. The weather cooperated for the teams however it was extremely cold at 18 below zero F. Once on the summit, the winds started to pick up so climbers hustled down as quickly as possible. In addition to Hahn and Whittaker, mind climbing under the First Ascent/RMI banner, the rest of team made it to the top including Michael Brown topping out for his 5th time. They commented once back at Base continue reading

May 242010
Summit Wave 4 (update 3)

update #3: South summits. First from RMI: Seth Waterfall is on the summit of Mount Everest. He has the summit all to himself. It is a bit chilly but he has plenty of oxygen and is feeling good! The rest of the team is at the Hilary step continuing up. Then Dave Hahn and Leif Whittaker. Thus far another 12 summits. Their announcement: Dave, Leif, Seth, Casey, Michael, Scott, Tendi, Tshering Dorjee, Dawa Jamba, Da Gyldjen, Nima Tenji, Pasang Temba. On top of the world. All are doing well. Robert Hill and his team reached the South Summit and made continue reading