Black Dog

Black Dog

Black Dog

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4 thoughts on “Black Dog

    1. Fern, he is a stray. There are a lot of “black dogs” in the Khumbu 🙂 The one in the picture was from 2002 but I saw others in 2003/8/11. They follow the climbers and trekkers from Gorak Shep (high village) to EBC looking for food. Sometimes people will let them sleep in their tent (not advised) but mostly they scrounge and sleep wherever. Occasionally, they cross the ladders, amazingly, and go to C1 or C2 where eventually a Sherpa will put them in their pack and take them back down. Everyone tries to discourage the dogs but hey are hardy souls.

  1. I’m confused. Is the “black dog” that is often seen at Crampon Point a trick of the eye brought on by altitude sickness?? Otherwise, why would there be always a dog there and this is a puppy besides.


    P.S. Loving this blog.

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