High Winds Stop Summits Push on K2; Broad Peak Summit

K2 summit winds July 13, 2016. Courtsey of Dawa Sherpa Seven Summits Treks

Teams knew this was a risky chess move to try and summit K2 during a narrow weather window, and they lost this bet.

July 14th was predicted to have acceptable winds on the summit of K2 but as is normal in the Karakoram and especially K2, the weather changed dramatically causing everyone to quickly descend back to base camp.

So the good news is those climbers have spent quite a few nights at Camps 1, 2 and 3 thusly improved their acclimatization. The bad news is they also spent a lot of energy and for some teams, supplemental oxygen, so far.

Over on Broad Peak, most reports have climbers making the same quick descent to base camp as over on K2 but it has also been reported that 2 Slovenian climbers, Aleš ?esen and Luka Lindi? summited Broad Peak. They apparently did not use fixed ropes and pushed hard to beat the weather. The daring duo will now move on to the Shining Wall of Gasherbrum IV.

Over on Gasherbrum II, the US team has established and cached gear at C3 ~23,000.

The weather looks bad for next several days so climbers will hole up in their tents to recover from this false start. Hopefully the next window will appear as forecasted towards end of July but as we know the weather in the Karakoram is rather finicky.

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