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Apr 272015

A very terse update due to intermittent Internet. Everyone is very tired, mentally spent. Sincere and deep condolences to everyone in Nepal impacted by this tragedy.

  • Ice serac releases off Pumori caused by 7.9 earthquake near Kathmandu on Saturday
  • The casualty count at EBC is 22+, s site many, many injuries ~ 40+++ as of this post – 7PM April 27
  • Most of the injuries and casualty were from wind blast off Pumori and associated impact with rocks
  • EverestER and Doctors with others teams doing amazing work
  • Alan was between C1 and C2 when earthquake hit causing major avalanches off Nuptse and Everest W Shoulder
  • Alan now at Gorak Shep starting long journey to return home, comms spotty at
  • Multiple aftershocks created uncertainty a about Khumbu Icefall causing evac from Cwm and cancellation of many team’s expeditions.
  • Over 150 helicoptered from C1 in Western Cwm today, April 27
  • No one ever in real danger at C1 and C2, plenty of food and supplies
  • A few more teams being evac Tuesday, April 28 including Summit Climb  and Italian team according to Sherpas
  • 4 minute turn around time to EBC with 2 per helicopter
  • Outstanding cooperation with some exceptions
  • Many have found personal items in flattened tents
  • Many teams have left EBC and are in teahouse in Khumbu
  • Some are back in Kathmandu via helicopter
  • Almost all teams are preparing to leave EBC and stop south side attempts
  • Indian Army team of 35 to remain at EBC to assist with humanitarian efforts
  • Some small teams will stay and make a decision in a few days
  • Icefall Doctors have stopped maintaining the route due to safety, aftershock concerns – they may return – unkown
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