Everest 2015: EBC Death Update

A very terse update due to intermittent Internet. Everyone is very tired, mentally spent. Sincere and deep condolences to everyone in Nepal impacted by this tragedy.

  • Ice serac releases off Pumori caused by 7.9 earthquake near Kathmandu on Saturday
  • The casualty count at EBC is 22+, s site many, many injuries ~ 40+++ as of this post – 7PM April 27
  • Most of the injuries and casualty were from wind blast off Pumori and associated impact with rocks
  • EverestER and Doctors with others teams doing amazing work
  • Alan was between C1 and C2 when earthquake hit causing major avalanches off Nuptse and Everest W Shoulder
  • Alan now at Gorak Shep starting long journey to return home, comms spotty at
  • Multiple aftershocks created uncertainty a about Khumbu Icefall causing evac from Cwm and cancellation of many team’s expeditions.
  • Over 150 helicoptered from C1 in Western Cwm today, April 27
  • No one ever in real danger at C1 and C2, plenty of food and supplies
  • A few more teams being evac Tuesday, April 28 including Summit Climb  and Italian team according to Sherpas
  • 4 minute turn around time to EBC with 2 per helicopter
  • Outstanding cooperation with some exceptions
  • Many have found personal items in flattened tents
  • Many teams have left EBC and are in teahouse in Khumbu
  • Some are back in Kathmandu via helicopter
  • Almost all teams are preparing to leave EBC and stop south side attempts
  • Indian Army team of 35 to remain at EBC to assist with humanitarian efforts
  • Some small teams will stay and make a decision in a few days
  • Icefall Doctors have stopped maintaining the route due to safety, aftershock concerns – they may return – unkown

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27 thoughts on “Everest 2015: EBC Death Update

  1. Alan – Thank you for the updates you have been able to send. I can imagine that things are chaotic now and I pray for everyone’s safety and strength to get through this. Do you have a list of the casualties at Everest? We’ve heard that many Sherpas were killed, but I cannot get information identifying anyone.
    Thank you again for your posts. Wishing you a safe trip home…………………..

  2. First, I would like to say your site is the best, and most reliable source of all information. I have been following you (and the expeditions) for years. Second, I am deeply saddened to hear about all of the devastation in Nepal; there are no words. Finally, I am happy to hear that you are ok and working your way down the valley. Also, I would like to applaud the unselfish actions that many of the larger expeditions (yours included) have exhibited. The decision to be strategic and self reliant as you all work your way back to Kathmandu, to be highly aware of not placing anymore stress on the infrastructure and people is admirable and wise. I hope the other groups will take a similar, unselfish approach (I actually read that some are weighing their options and waiting to see what the mountain holds, implying that they might still climb….) and call an end to their expedition and instead turn their focus on helping the people of Nepal or least getting out of the way and help out via other means.

  3. Thanks Alan for this web site! Even I was climbing on Everest on 2013 and I was checking every day news from this page.
    It is horrible whats happened on Everest in this year (and last year also) so I am really happy that you are already safe. I checked many informations in media, but honestly speaking I think that your informations are the best – I can belived them and what is important – they are written by really climber, not by journalists which are looking for sensation.
    Good luck Alan!
    ps. The condollences for all which lost the members or families and friends.

  4. Dear Allen, Glad to see you safe after this devastating avalanche due to severe earthquake near Kathmandu. We were not getting any specific information about the extent of danger & devastation over there. It was also not possible. Condolence to the bereaved families of the deceased & prayer for the relief of wounded ones. It would be difficult to assess the extent of total damage & find the missing persons from that huge debris. I feel south side of Everest has been cursed due to bad omen for two consecutive years. This year will now be regarded as the Black year of Everest replacing that dreadful year of 1996.

  5. Live just got into lukla today, the way down still has its dangers with a few villages worst for wear, and big cracks and landfalls along the route, stay safe Alan

  6. Iam glad you are safe, Alan…. Sagarmata has conveyed that she be left alone for some time to come…Iam sure Mountaineers would respect the sentiments…

  7. I look for your updates the first thing every morning and throughout the day. Your reports are always so descriptive and accurate. I’m thrilled that you are okay. Come back home to Colorado soon.

  8. 17 climbers are still at Camp 1, with Dan Mazur & Summit Climb. They have no fuel or food, so please know that although your team may not have been in any real danger, this team is, if they don’t get out of there. Weather is making it difficult for the choppers to get up there, and it may get worse.

  9. So glad to know that you are okay. I am sending prayers every minute that you are safe, and that no further harm befalls the area. You are a treasure to your family, the cause that you endeavor to support, and to climbing in general. Be safe as you make your way home. Kim

  10. Safe travels home Alan. It has been another tragic year on Everest. My thoughts are with everyone affected by this Earthquake and its aftershocks. Stay safe out there.

  11. I could not be happier that you are down and safe. You say you were never in any danger at camp 2 but we all know that anything can happen on Everest. Safe travels home Alan.

  12. Alan, I am so glad you are unharmed by the recent earthquake and aftershocks! My deepest condolences for the loss of your base manager/team doc. Thank you for all the updates and first hand news regarding the events on the mountain. Hugs and prayers for a safe return home.

  13. I am at home re-living the frustration, disappointment and sadness of my last two Everest expeditions as I follow this year’s tragedy. The magnitude of what happened this year through-out Nepal and on Everest is almost too much to comprehend. The resilience of the Nepalese people will hopefully bring them through this. Safe travels from this point on Alan!

  14. Apparently the gods have spoken 2 years in a row! So sad what has happened! Travel safely Alan on your journey out! Thank you for your reports…as always so well done! As you say “Memories are everything”

  15. Have a safe trip back!

    Thanks for keeping us informed about EBC. You’ve done a great job in the face of such adversity.

    I wonder how sound the suspension bridges are across the Dud Koshi and other rivers. Hopefully you’re not having to trek out.

  16. What a horrible series of natural events. I am so thankful you are okay and are at Gorak Shep. Safe travels back to Kathmandu and ultimately home.

  17. Helicopter and other support must be shifted toward other priorities as soon as the mountaineers are cared for ?

  18. Be safe coming home , Everest will be there , you can always come back Alan, Karen and Jim

  19. Horrible Alan; so glad you are there, and happy you are safe, and can report on this first hand. Very valuable

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