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Sep 292015
Nepal to Limit Everest Climbers through New Rules ... Again!

The Nepal Ministry of Tourism announced a proposed, note the word proposed, set of new regulations for Mt. Everest to address growing concerns of crowding and safety. Certainly any effort to make Everest less crowded and safer is good but the Nepal government has a history of announcing such measures and not following through or enforcing the regulations. The main problem with these frequent announcements is that the government has been very unstable for years with almost an annual turnover of Ministers who are responsible for managing the mountaineering and tourism industry. Also, corruption is rampant. It is reported that each Minster takes continue reading

Sep 262015
Movie Review: Everest - As Close to Being There Yourself

If you want to climb Mt. Everest, take two hours to see the new Hollywood version of the 1996 disaster, but don’t take your spouse – you won’t be allowed to go! Everest has been hyped for several months now as “based on true story” yet not following any specific book or version of what happened. The movie is often said to follow Jon Krakauer best seller ”Into Thin Air” but that is not true. In fact Krakauer recently said about the entire movie in an interview, “It’s total bull” Watching with an Experienced Eye I was eager to see the continue reading

Aug 312015
Top 10 Everest Myths

Hollywood and independent filmmakers have found that a well crafted climbing movie, especially one about Everest, makes money. The film, Everest, complete with movie stars, green screen special effects and stunning footage taken on Everest, will open in theaters in September. On a much smaller scale, Sherpa, has already made it’s debut at film festivals and will be shown in 200 countries next year on the Discovery Channel. Finally, while not about Everest, Meru, is getting accolades for it’s authenticity and being compared to Touching the Void. With all this activity, the public relations machines are in full motion pumping out continue reading

Nepal 2015 Earthquake Update

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Jun 202015
Nepal 2015 Earthquake Update

The crisis in Nepal after the earthquake continues with over 8,800 dead, 22,000 injured, 500,000 homes severely damaged, 3 million homeless. Aftershocks continue to this day and will for a long time thus scaring people, and further damaging homes. According to the Nepal government, the country is looking at losses estimated at about $10 billion—nearly half of its gross domestic product of $19.2 billion Two organizations—Global Shelter Cluster and the REACH Initiative—surveyed about 1,680 households in the 14 districts that were worst affected by the earthquake, about their living conditions after the earthquake. The United Nations estimates that 2.8 million continue reading

May 272015
4 Ways to Help Nepal

The Nepali people are working hard to rebuild their homes and their spirit is strong. The world community has been generous thus far but there is so much more to be done. In this post I will give an overview of the current status, per my understanding, and make firm recommendations on how you can help. Also, I want to promote help for the village of Pangboche where Lama Geshi and Kami Sherpa lives. This small village is slightly off the main trail from Namche to Everest Base Camp but frequently visited by climbers to receive a blessing from the continue reading

May 132015
Update on Latest Nepal Earthquakes

Sadly another major earthquake, 7.2, hit Nepal on Tuesday, May 12, 2015. The epicenter was near Namche Bazaar and the damage is said to be extensive in the Solo Khumbu per Ang Tshering, Charmin of the Climate Alliance of Himalayan Communities. They report the following: Contact was made within 5 minutes of earthquake through satellite phone with people in Khumbu: Damages to property has been vast in the Solukhumbu region  Too early to report on human and livestock casualties  Efforts to contact others in Khumbu have failed due to difficulties in communication lines  Reports are streaming in of the effects continue reading

May 062015
Everest 2015: Season Summary - Summits Don't Matter

Over 7,000 people died in April 2015 from a 7.8 magnitude earthquake near Kathmandu. And no one summited Everest – from either side, from any camp. Summits don’t matter. As has been my custom since 2002, I will summarize the season but this time from my first hand experience as I was climbing Lhotse which shares 80% of the route with Everest. I was between Camps 1 and 2 when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake reached the Western Cwm. This summary, while about the Everest season, is also about a human tragedy where thousands lost their lives, multiples of that are continue reading

May 052015
Everest 2015: Team Locations

Welcome to Alan Arnette’s Everest 2015 coverage My coverage is based on my own summit and climb experiences, research, sources, and public information. I try to provide insight and interpretation of the activities ranging from routes to weather to the challenge of climbing Everest.  I will be climbing Lhotse thus will be reporting from Everest Base Camp this year with all the regular features plus videos and interviews directly from the mountain as it happens. Latest Everest News – Sunday, May 3, 2015 – Nepal time EVEREST CLOSED FROM BOTH NORTH AND NO ONE CLIMBING FROM THE SOUTH Everest has continue reading

Everest 2015: Earthquake Devastation Spreading

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May 042015
Everest 2015: Earthquake Devastation Spreading

I spent this evening speaking with helicopter pilots and people who have just returned from the earthquake epicenter regions. They say there are villages flattened, with landslides and down trees seemingly obligating entire villages off the trail systems – these are areas trekkers never touch, nor apparently relief agencies at the moment. Many of my readers think of Nepal as the Khumbu and the trek to Everest Base Camp or the Annapurna Circuit, but these areas did not take the brunt of the earthquake. There are many many small, individual efforts to reach these villages in addition to the large continue reading

Everest 2015: Kathmandu and Everest, a Small Part of Nepal

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May 022015
Everest 2015: Kathmandu and Everest, a Small Part of Nepal

My flight from Lukla to Kathmandu was uneventful, in fact more on time than many of my last trips. My gratitude of being met by US Special Forces and a dedicated team from Global Rescue services has quelled any concerns of personal impact. I know someone in the United States is looking after her citizens. All I can think about is the carnage at Everest Base Camp, the loss of Eve and the impact on the almost 8,000 throughout Nepal, the unseen damage and the fact that the world’s attention and media will soon turn to the latest “man bites continue reading