Shisha Pangma 2007 Recap Plus a New Climb!

Hello everyone. It has been a little while since I sent an update. I have three announcements: a recap from Shisha, drugstore a new climb and a new opportunity for educators during my 2008 Everest climb.

I have posted a full and detailed recap of the 2007 Shisha Pangma climb just completed in October. All in all it was a great climb that I consider a success in spite of not making the summit. Read the recap at this link.
I am very excited to announce another climb before Everest. I will be climbing the highest mountain outside the Himalayas in January, 2008. Aconcagua is in Argentina and is 22,841 feet. I summited it in 2005. You can read about that climb at this link. My primary reason to add this climb is for more training and fitness before Everest.
The Orizaba climb is still on for January. I am very pleased that my Colorado climbing partners, Patrick and Robert will be joining me on the climb of the 3rd highest mountain in North America and the highest in Mexico at 18,800 feet.
I will be posting a few dispatches from both of these climbs.
Finally, I have an exciting announcement about my Everest 2008 climb and a joint project with the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and several schools. This will be a great opportunity for everyone. If you want to know more know before I publish the details, please contact me.
Climb On!
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