Tacos, Beds and Showers – Off Orizaba

IMG_8538.JPGWe are back in Mexico City with some people flying home today. I will catch my flight early tomorrow. We had a nice descent from the summit of Orizaba yesterday. The snow was somewhat packed making it easier than if it had been soft or mushy. That was one benefit of starting so early and avoiding the hot sun of the afternoon. As promised, here are a few pictures of summit day. I will do a complete recap plus posts more pictures next week. Also I will provide the final details of climbing slide show for the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund taking place in California and Colorado in March.

Now for the pictures:

Downclimbing from the summit:

Sunrise from the Summit

The caldera of Orizaba

Sitting on the caldera’s rim

The Shadow of Orizaba at Sunrise

Alan on the Summit

Climb On!

Thanks again for your support during my journey on The Road Back to Mt. Everest. Also, please take a look at two summit videos I posted on the main dispatch page. I think you find them interesting.
Climb On!
This is Alan

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