The Killer Cwm

Today we are comfortably resting at Camp 2. Everyone is in good health and spirits after a breakfast of toast and omlets.

The Cwm lived up to it’s reputation yesterday but first a little on the Icefall.
We left BC a little before 6 AM and made good time. in spite of our 9 day layoff we felt strong and made steady progress. Then just below the top, there is one cravesse spanned by four ladders lashed together. The problem is that is sways left to right and up and down so most people take extra time.

There were 40 climbers waiting to go up or down. It was like a circus with cameras going, helmet cams in action, 2-way radios blasting away in Nepali. Only the dancing bears were missing.
After a 40 minute delay we made it across. unfortunately, I think this will be the norm.
I am looking out my tent door right now and the Lhotse face has over 100 climbers making extremely slown progress towards Camp 3. Eleven Sherpas from several teams worked the past two days to fix an up and a down line on the Face. Today another 23 are working the lines towards the Yellow Band and the South Col.
But back to the Cwm – it was hot, cold, snowy, breezy and hot. We made slow but steady progress and finally arrived quite exhausted.It was good to relax the rest of the day.
OK. Tomorrow is our turn on the Lhotse Face. I may send a short dispatch with photo and perhaps an audio dispatch depending on my condition!
Everest is back to normal … be careful what you wish for!!
Remember Memories are Everything
Climb On!

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