15 thoughts on “Audio Dispatch from Mt. Everest

  1. Wow you sound GREAT on this audio dispatch!! Can’t even tell you’ve been sick. Sounds like you’re on your way to a very successful second half. Good luck and safe climbing!

  2. You sound great Alan, woo hoo! Good luck with the climb to Camp 3. Look forward to reading/hearing the report. I hope you stay physically and mentally strong and (of course) healthy.

  3. Awesome report; so exciting Alan–you sound great! So does the scenery!!

  4. Alan! You sound SO much better than a couple of days ago! Thank goodness for the docs who work so hard for climbers, right? Of course your positive attitude helps. And I can hear the excitement in your voice as you get closer to that mountaintop. I can’t even imagine climbing the Lhotse behemoth and like everyone else here, keeping fingers and arms and legs and toes crossed for you!

    Stay frosty and Keep it up, man!


  5. Glad you are better Alan, and sorry to hear of Rick. I hope his leaving infuses you with more energy for the climb and for this great cause. I miss sleeping with you! Please give my love and best wishes to all your teammates.

  6. Hi Alan – I am finally catching up on some of the Everest blogs. Good job getting through the tough stuff and hanging in there!! Please give my best to one of your co-climbers, Gineth, as I am hoping you are both celebrating at the top in a few weeks. Stay safe and keep up the good work. Megan

  7. Hi Alan; new poster but want to say I thoroughly enjoy your blog and following your climb. I read a lot about climbers and this is just cool to hear your every day adventures. Best of luck!

  8. Alan…great job through the ice fields and glad that there is snow on the Lhotse Face for good steps going up and let’s hope the weather stays good for a nice early summit attempt.
    “One step at a time!”

  9. Hearing this is just so exciting!! Almost makes me cry it’s so beautiful. I’m there with you in spirit. I love the way you describe your surroundings, you just transported me to camp 2 for a few minutes 🙂 Crossing everything for you!!!!!!

  10. 21,500’and you sound great Alan!!Lhotse face is my size meter.The mtn. looks like any other mtn. until I try to make out camp 3.Then its like a giant with just a smidge of yellow near the middle,I am fascinated with its size.We have 14ers here at home and where you are going it is twice that high.Your on your way mate…climb on!

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