Alan Arnette: Audio Dispatch from K2 for Alzheimer’s

This is the latest audio update from Alan Arnette climbing K2 for Alzheimer’s. Please donate generously to support the cause. 100% to the non-profits, none ever to Alan.

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14 thoughts on “Alan Arnette: Audio Dispatch from K2 for Alzheimer’s

  1. Go for it Alan! Bronco’s owner Pat Bowlen resigned today to deal with his health condition… Alzheimer’s. You are climbing for all of these wonderful people who suffer. Bless you my friend. Climb on!

  2. COLA and IGES forecasts look promising. Pretty stable weather by they looks of it. Climb on.

  3. Great to hear your voice Alan. Your spot tracker told me about your progress, but hearing this is something else. I believe they should invent a new term for this, as it is beyond any stretch of journalistic scope. What a chronicle !! ……..Climb on, my friend.

  4. Keep it up mate…Australian climbers are thinking of you and the entire expedition.

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