Alan Arnette: Audio Dispatch from K2 for Alzheimer’s

This is the latest audio update from Alan Arnette climbing K2 for Alzheimer's. Please donate generously to support the cause. 100% to the non-profits, none ever to Alan.

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30 thoughts on “Alan Arnette: Audio Dispatch from K2 for Alzheimer’s

  1. Once again I congratulate you Alan. You certainly lead by example. It has been so exciting to be able to follow you step by step so thanks again for your effort and thank you Jim for holding the fort whilst Alan went to “Climb a Mountain “. We all now await your next blog with anticipation. Cheers Kate

  2. Astounding to think you’re making these calls from such altitudes – 24k feet is unimaginable. You sound great, and what a way to celebrate your 58th birthday!

  3. Alan….you can do this!!!!

    You sound strong and confident.
    Your dream is coming true..,.your hard work paying off.

    Be safe….Be smart….Be alert always as you climb to the summit!!

    Oh yeah … One more thing

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY in a few hours my forever friend .

  4. So appreciate the dancing dot “SPOT” that let’s us SEE you are progressing well and the audio dispatch that let’s us HEAR that you truly are well! Sending you positive energy – hope you FEEL it!

  5. Still sounding good and managing to keep in touch. You are one hell of a guy and it’s great to be climbing along side. Cheers Kate

  6. The first thing I do each morning is look for an email from you! Your positive attitude inspires me to be a better person. Since my mother, too, died of Alzheimer’s disease, I am going to make a donation to go toward research to find a cure. I am praying that you will have plenty of energy and strength to make it safely back down to base camp from the top! Oh, and Happy Birthday !

  7. You know I am sending you strength, protection, and success from my arm chair! Climb on to the top and back.

  8. You sound wonderful. God bless all of you with a safe and successful summit and an equally safe descent

  9. Alan,

    It doesn’t get much better than this for a positive outlook for your K2 summit bid on the morning of your birthday! I can’t wait to hear your words from the summit. I know you climb for all of us who long for an end to this cruel disease and am grateful for your leadership, your courage and your tenacity. Prayers continue for the safety and success of all on the mountain. Climb high! Climb safe! Climb On! We are with you every step of the way. #K2CureAlz

  10. Alan your doing a awesome job on all of this. Staying in contact, updates, hard climbing every day. Way to go! I’m confident you will get to the top!

  11. wonderful to hear weather is great and you’re on the way to the top!.. keep it up and thanks for the audio updates.. it’s great to hear your voice from 24,000 feet.. just amazing..

  12. Alan, you sound amazing!!! As Jim said, there have been some successful summits on peaks nearby. You are so close, we are all rooting for you! What an incredible journey!

  13. Alan – you sound great. Things are lining up very well. Over the last few days people have been summitting the other 8,000 meter peaks close by you, so perhaps the snow conditions up high are good in your area. Climb on!

  14. You are inspiring! Thank you for taking the message about Alzheimer’s to the summit.

  15. Alan…. You sound strong and excited.
    Be safe…Be smart…Be Alert Aways as you continue your push to the summit!!!

    Contnued prayers for you all.

    1. >>Alan…. You sound strong and excited.

      Can’t agree more! You sound great! Go Alan, go. And always take care. You know what Ed said: “Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory.” All the best from Germany!

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