Autumn 2018 Himalayan Climbing: Summits All Over

Phurba Tashi Sherpa, Himex Sidar, fixing route to Manaslu summit in 2013

One of the best moments in climbing on the Himalayan is when you reach the summit of an 8000-meter, or lesser peak only hear a Sherpa screaming into his radio “Summmmmiiiitttt” with the energy of a World Cup Football announcer. You almost can’t help but smile.

This scene is being repeated on Manaslu and Cho Oyu this week with summits being reported on both 8000ers.

Cho Oyu – Summits

Climbing the Seven Summits team reported they summited: “We are thrilled to announce the entire CTSS team is currently standing on the summit of Cho Oyu in perfect weather.” Tendi Sherpa lead the trip. As did Mountain Madness with a Tweet “Cho Oyu Team just checked in from the top of the sixth highest peak in the world”

Kobler reports they are also leaving for the summit on 25 Sept as was Adventure Consultants who posted “We have just received a satellite phone call from Expedition Leader Dean Staples sounding remarkably fresh after a successful summit of Cho Oyu!” Alpenglow made the summit with a small team. No update from Kobler yet

8,156m (26,670'), Manaslu
8,156m (26,670′), Manaslu

Manaslu – Summits

The rope team from Seven Summits Treks made the summit on September 25, 2018. They were Gyaljen Sherpa of Solukhumbu, Mingma Tenjing Sherpa, Tenjing Chhimbi Sherpa and Temba Bhote of Sankhuwasabha. Tagging behind them were Brazilian Moeses Fiamoncini and Spainish Sergi Mingote who said he was climbing with no Os,  alpine style. He summited Broad Peak and K2 a few months ago and is off to Dhaulagiri now.

On September 216, Arnold Coster, part of the 7ST gang posted “Good News! All Arnold Coster Manaslu team members and Sherpas summited Manaslu today around 6:15 am.” Its reported that 12 people summited – 6 Sherpas and 6 members.  7ST posted today, 27 September that their “international” team summited – no word on how many that was but they regularly have 20,30,40 or even 50 climbers plus the same number of support Sherpas.

Mingma Sherpa running one of the many, many Sherpa lead large teams reports in:

Manaslu update:Benjamin from usa, simond from uk with suman, anup and prakash made summit at 12:30pm. Benjamin also skied from below the summit. Remaining team member will depart tonight for final summit push.


Dhaulagiri – Progress with Snow

79-year-old Spanish climber Carlos Soria Fontan reported that they are at C1 hoping to spend a few nights at C2.  He seems hopeful he will make the summit, now that this is his 10th and last effort.

Billi Bierling has a very nice write up posted a few days ago on her Dhaulagiri experience and the tragic death of a Sherpa fixing rope. She is with Kobler.

Polski Himalaizm Zimowy 2016-2020 im. Artura Hajzera reported a small earthquake but no damage.

Lhotse Ski Descent

Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison, climbing with a team of Sherpas, are fighting to get the route in but are reporting all is well.

Annapurna Ski Descent

Two Russian climbers/skiers, Vitaly Lazo and Anton Pugovkin, are hoping to ski down Annapurna I at  8,091-meter/26,545-feet.  The have reached C2 at 5,600-meters/18,372-feet. They report a lot of fresh snow requiring time to settle,

Shishapangma-  Arrival at BC

7 Summits Club out of Russia has just arrived at their base camp for this great peak. The noted “We are preparing to make the second acclimatization rotation with overnight at Camp II at the height of 7100, we expect that ropes to be fixed.”

Congratulation to all and best of luck for the rest

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