Everest 2019: Sleeping In The Cwm!

We now have members of several teams sleeping in the Western Cwm on the Nepal side. Over in Tibet, Sherpas are sleeping at the Intermediate camp as they prepare to begin building ABC. Looks like members will begin their two day journey to ABC in a couple of days.


Members aka clients aka climbers aka people are starting to get into the groove. I love this post from Chad Gaston who is doing a great job with his blog. Witty writing and great pictures – a must add to your daily reading list. He climbing with Madison Mountaineering:

Some other fun facts on the mountain are:

1. Snoring. Because of the weather everyone is a bit stuffy or out of breath from the altitude so everyone snores. We all bring heavy duty ear plugs or in my instance I put my head phones in and crank Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits. I am normally asleep by the second song “Chicago”.

2. HAF. High Altitude Flatulence. (If you are shy or disturbed by bodily function, mountain climbing is not for you!) The digestive track really starts acting funny when you get over the 10 to 12,000 ft. At night as we all climb in our tents the era of the big brass bands are reborn. Our camp could compete with any brass band in New Orleans

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