Everest 2022: Summit Wave 2 Recap – 100+ Summits, 1 Death

Over 100 Summits on Thursday morning, May 12, 2022

Well, the first member summit already occurred, so the one underway today, May 11-12, hoping to summit Thursday, will now be named Summit Wave 2!

Much to my surprise and probably many others because it was under the radar, Portuguese climber Pedro Queirós, 41, was the first member of 2022 to summit this spring season. He summited at 9:39 am on Monday, May 9, 2022, with Mingma Sherpa of 14summit.

We have our first Wave 2 summits on Everest 2022! I’ve received reports directly from Everest that the weather was excellent last night, making for ideal summit conditions. I estimate over 100 people (clients and guides) this morning. The summit temperatures were hovering around 0F/-17C, which is extremely warm. This was excellent news for those climbing without Os as they move slower and are colder than those on Os. Look for huge summits crowds leaving the South Col Thursday night, May 12, for a May 13 summit.

Sadly, there was one death. Pioneer Adventures, Everest May 12: Dipak Mahat got AMS while at C2, died in Kathmandu

Xtreme Climbers made this proud announcement about Lucy Westlake,18, who set an American female record:

This an official announcement that Lucy Westlake “18” @lucy.westlake.22 who is currently on mission to becoming the youngest American female to summit on the highest point on The Planet have successfully stood on the summit of Mount Everest 8848.86m on 12.May.2022 at 5:36 am Nepali time along with Climbing SHERPA Guide Mingma Chhiring Sherpa @xtreme_climbers for adding another summit stand on Everest. This will be Mingma’s 16th SUMMIT till todays date. After spending couple of moments of SUMMIT Victory on the top of The World Lucy and Mingma both are descending back to lower camp which will takes them probably around 4-5. Hrs to reach C2.
Her mother told me, “That is great news. I wasn’t sure how things played out with the wind. Anxiously standing by and praying for the climbers’ safety. It’s going to be an exciting day.”
Leaving the South Col May 11 2022. Courtesy of Xtreme Climbers Treks & Expeditions P. Ltd.
Climbing The Seven Summits also made this announcement of 100% success for their first wave:

Congratulations to our first wave of climbers with 100% of the team standing on top of the world! So deserved after such an enormous amount of work and dedication and commitment. We are so proud of you and honoured to be part of your journey.


Mark Woodward (5am local time)
Pega Sherpa (5am)
Margaret Kincaid (5:45am)
Pemba Gelji Sherpa (5:45am)
Meghan Buchanan (6am)
Naren Shahi (6am)
John Keagy (6:30am)
Walter Hailes (6:30am)
Pasang Kami Sherpa (6:30am)
Clayton Wolfe (6:45am)
Pasang Tendi Sherpa (6:45am)
Tomas Ceppi (6:45am)

To all our loved ones watching on at home, it’s a massive moment for you too as you celebrate and feel the joy of knowing your person is on top of the world! Your support should never be underestimated, thank you you are the reason our climbers can do what they do.

It’s good to keep in mind that as they descend they will keep focused, conserve their warmth and radio batteries and just motor back down the hill, heads down bums up as such. It can take a long time to get back to the South Col (Camp 4) and it’s very likely we won’t hear much from them now which just means they are moving consistently and smoothly. We’ll update you again when they are safely back to Camp 4!



Lhakpa Sherpa, 48, set another female record for summiting ten times. She topped out at 6:30 am on Thursday, May 12, 2022. She used Seven Summit Adventure for logistics.

Altitude Junkies: had at least 1 client, guide, and 2 Sherpas.

Adventure Peaks: “The tracker is showing the team on the summit, we have had limited comms, more information in the morning when the team is back down.” Update: Members Liam Hanlon, Philip Walton,  Stephen Hayes, and Anna Charlotte Person supported by Phurba Wangchhu, Norbu Sherpa,Fu Rinzee Sherpa, Pem Gelze Sherpa,Bir bahadur Tamang (Bire), Phursemba Sherpa.

And Seven Summits Treks announced 25 summits. Interesting that both Xtreme Climbers and SST claim Lucy. 

1. Suleiman AL Naabi 🇴🇲
2. Jatin Ramsinh Chaudhary 🇮🇳
3. Stanislovas Vysniauskas 🇱🇹
4. Hedayet Ali 🇺🇸
5. Prakriti Varshney 🇮🇳
6. Tomoya Ikeda 🇯🇵
7. Pablo Cesar Perez 🇲🇽
8. John Edward Haskew 🇬🇧
9. Mueller Heinz Anton 🇨🇭
11. Lucy Westlake 🇺🇸
12. Roman Sudorgin 🇷🇺
1. Dorchi Bhote 🇳🇵
2. Dawa Bhote 🇳🇵
3. Pema Rinjee Sherpa 🇳🇵
4. Ringee Bhote 🇳🇵
5. Mingma Dorchi Sherpa 🇳🇵
6. Ming Dorchi Sherpa 🇳🇵
7. Pema Chombi Sherpa 🇳🇵
8. Pemba Thinduk Sherpa 🇳🇵
9. Mingma tenje Sherpa 🇳🇵
10. Ridar Bhote 🇳🇵
11. Mingma Chhiri Sherpa🇳🇵
12. Pasang Sherpa🇳🇵
13. Mingma Nurbu Sherpa
And it appears, according to Shangri-La Nepal Treks media reports that eight of the eleven members of the Full Circle Everest summited. They included  Manoah Ainuu, Frederick Campbell, Abby Dione, Eddie Taylor, Saal, James Kagambi, Desmond Mullins, and Thomas Moore, with eight Sherpas, yet unnamed, but I will when I know them. The Full Circle has become the first all-black team to summit Everest.

Ascent Himalaya put six on top with three members and three Sherpas: Ronald Quintero( first from Honduras), Erlend Ness, and Jim Miller with Pasang Tenzing Sherpa(Rolwaling), Danurbu Sherpa(Solukhumbu), and Dawa Tashi Sherpa(Rolwaling).

Dreamers Destinations noted that Tenzing Jangbu Sherpa, grandson of Late Ang Rita Sherpa, with Phurba Tenjing Sherpa, Phurba Thiley Sherpa, and Dr. Priti Bhusal all summitted.

14 Peaks had a good night with 15 on the summit, including Antonina Samoilova from Ukraine.

1. Antonina Samoilova -Ukraine 🇺🇦
2. Raul Andres Biochi Torres -Venezuela
3. Valle Arrue Alfa Karina- De EL Salvador
4. Ravichandran Tharumalingam -Malaysian
5. Elanghovan Natchimuthu -Malaysian
1. Fursang Sherpa
2. Lakpa Tenjing Sherpa
3. Pasang Dukpa
4. Jen Jen lama
5. Phurthile Sherpa
6. Mingma Tenjing Sherpa
7. Phurba ongdi Sherpa
8. Ngawang Thinduk Sherpa
9. Manish Maharjan
10. Makalu Renji Sherpa
And Beyul – International Mountain Guides (ILG) reported seven on top with:
On this beautiful morning, we had a very successful summit on Mt. Everest for our first summit team of 7 climbers (2 members, 5 Sherpa guides). Congratulations to the team!
List of summiteers:-
1. Ms. Kimberly Ann Silloway (🇺🇸)
2. Mr. George Voitech Pesek (🇺🇸)
3. Mr. Phunuru Sherpa (Phortse🇳🇵) – 14th summit
4. Mr. Gyalien Dorji Sherpa (Phortse🇳🇵) – 9th summit
5. Mr. Fura Gyalzen Sherpa (Phortse🇳🇵) – 6th summit
6. Mr. Jambale Sherpa (Patle🇳🇵) – 4th summit
7. Mr. Chhiring Tendi Sherpa (Kharikhola🇳🇵) – 2nd summit

The ‘other’ 8000ers


The rope team fixed Lhotse’s summit. This was the same team that fixed Everest. They included: Sona Sherpa, Sankhuwasabha, Ngima Tashi Sherpa, Phurba Tsering Sherpa, Tenjing Gyaljen Sherpa, Lakpa Tenji Sherpa, Phurba Kusang Sherpa, Phurba Chhotar.

Kanchenjunga – Summits

Wilco van Rooijen got skunked last week, so he’s back for the second try and had to turn back again. Hungarian, Csaba Varga, and climbing sans Os is there, along with Adriana Brownlee and a team led by Brit Jon Gupta.

UpdateSeven Summtis Treks posted:

1. Adriana Brownlee @adri.brownlee 🇬🇧 🇪🇸
2. Gelje Sherpa 🇳🇵 @gelje_sherpa_
3. Josette Valloton 🇨🇭
4. Chhangba Sherpa 🇳🇵
5. Dorota Lidia Samocko 🇵🇱
6. Dawa Sherpa 🇳🇵

Makalu – Summits

Update: Adrian texted me that “Alpenglow second wave summits today at 530am. Topo, Christina, Ngima, Nawang, but Carla no summit without oxygen today. Got too cold in French Couloir”

Alpenglow still has climbers on the Hill after Adrian Ballinger‘s record-setting ski descent. Hans Kammerlander skied from 7600-meters on the 8586-meter mountains in 1998, whereas Adrain skied from the summit. Currently, Ecuadoran Carla Perez, Topo Mena, and one client are on their summit attempt.The Tawainese, heavily support client, Grace Tseng, is also there. She summited Annapurna with a 7:1 support ratio last week.

There is, as usual, a Seven Summits Treks huge team had success:

1. Viridian Alvarez Chavez 🇲🇽 @virialvarezmx
2. Fultura Ibrahimi 🇽🇰 @uta.ibrahimi
3. Xue Chen 🇨🇳
4. Mohammad Reza Shahlaei 🇮🇷
5. Pema Khando Chinyam 🇺🇸 @pema.travels
6. Maya Sherpa 🇳🇵 @sherpa_2005
7. Carlos Santalena 🇧🇷 @carlossantalena (HA)
8. Vladimir Kotlyar 🇷🇺 @vladimir__kotlyar
1. Lakpa Sherpa 🇳🇵 @makalulakpa
2. Pemba Sherpa 🇳🇵
3. Pasang Ongdi Sherpa 🇳🇵
4. Thawa chhiri Sherpa🇳🇵
5. Thomas Bhote 🇳🇵
6. Lakpa Temba Sherpa 🇳🇵
7. Chinjung Bhote 🇳🇵
8. Ngngba Sherpa 🇳🇵

Dhaulagiri – Summits

We finally have the result from Kobler & Partner’s team. They said they reached the summit on May 9 around noon. The summit team consisted of Stefan Sieveking, Andreas Neuschmid, Jürgen Diez, and Jonas Salzmann supported by Tashi Sherpa, Lale Bahadur Tamang, Karma Sherpa, and Mingmar Sherpa.

Well done by all; now, get down safely!

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