Everest 2024: Everyday Everest Podcast Series–Welcome and Part 1

Welcome to the kick-off of Everyday Everest, my new Podcast series during the Everest 2024 climbing season. I’ll continue my annual coverage as usual.

Based on my 2020 Virtual Everest series, I’ll have a twenty-minute updated episode of the story a few times a week for the next two months. Everyday Everest follows a fictional team of nine climbers and their personal Sherpas from leaving home, trekking to base camp, acclimatizing, finally, on their summit push and returning home. The story’s protagonist, Harper, sets the tone for the story when she tells her husband, Marc, “Honey, I’m going to climb Everest.”

The main characters are

  1. Harper – protagonist, strong climber,  Aconcagua, Denali (Husband -Marc, Daughter – Olivia, Son – Jay)
  2. Dutch – solid climber, quirky
  3. Tony – solid climber, introvert, impatient
  4. Michael – Good experience, Manaslu, good friend
  5. Jim – Second Everest attempt, not strong
  6. Aaron – good climber, strong friend
  7. Bart – good climber, strong friend
  8. Pablo – weak mentally, Aconcagua, Denali
  9. Claudia – strong climber,  Aconcagua, Denali
  10. Guide John Paul – highly experienced, patient, good leader
  11. Sidar and Guide – Dawa Sherpa
  12. Guide – Gyalzen Sherpa
  13. Guide – Tenzing Sherpa

We will go through Everest climbing each day as the team arrives in Kathmandu, flies to Luka, and treks to EBC. We’ll follow them at base camp through the acclimatization rotations and receive invaluable help from the Icefall Doctors and Climbing Sherpas. And, of course, the summit pushes starting in mid-May. While based on my own four times on Everest and twice for Lhotse, the characters and teams will be fictional, and I will not be using real names or companies.

We start with Part 1, “Leaving Home.”

Climb On!
Memories are Everything

Everyday Everest Part 1 Podcast



You can listen to #everest2024 podcasts on SpotifyApple Podcast, Breaker, YouTube, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, Anchor, and more. Just search for “alan arnette” on your favorite podcast platform.



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4 thoughts on “Everest 2024: Everyday Everest Podcast Series–Welcome and Part 1

  1. “I vow to return home” sounded very personal to you as the writer and storyteller and person that lived this! When does part 2 come out?

  2. Even though I’m not a climber myself, I am fascinated by Everest and all the stories around it. Your blog and your podcast are amazing, thank you! Best regards from Europe.

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