Everest 2019: Summit Wave 3 Recap, Wave 4 Underway 250 Expected

Looks like the winds have finally dropped. Teams for both the Nepal and Tibet sides report calm conditions and summit pushes underway.

Wave 3 Recap: Summits!!!

There were many summits Tuesday morning May 21. I know of these:

Dawa Steven Sherpa and the Asian Trekking team made the top Tuesday morning:

The Eco Everest Expedition 2019 team along with our Mananging Director, Dawa Steven Sherpa and the climbing sherpa for the successful summit on Mt. Everest this morning and we wish them all a safe return

Expedition Members
Anita Devi – Indian
Samer Akkad – Syrian
Nicholas Simon Hollis – British
Aliki Anastasopoulou – Greek
Huadong Yan – Chinese
Tang Qun – Chinese

Dawa Steven Sherpa
Samir Jung Thapa – Photographer

High Altitude Climbing Sherpa
Dajangbu Sherpa
Sonam Chiring Sherpa
Samden Bhote
Pemba Tshering (Maila)
Lakpa Nuru Sherpa
Tshering Tashi Sherpa
Shera Gyaljen
Pasang Sherpa (Thamo)

Karma Lama
Da Furi Sherpa
Guru Jenjen Bhot

And 65 Degrees North, a team that seeks to help in the rehabilitation of wounded or damaged ex-service men and women by offering the opportunity to participate in challenging adventure, made the top Tuesday morning:

Team EVEREST 2019: Top of the World!!

The team are standing on top of the highest mountain in the World! Pushing themselves, mentally and physically, to the absolute limit was all worth it when Brendan, Scott, Joe and Tom all reached the summit of Mt Everest! For reasons of safety, Rich turned round just below the summit, a decision that would have been tough to make, but absolutely the right decision to make. Having battled fatigue, extreme temperatures, lack of oxygen and at times, their own patience, they can all be extremely proud of their achievements. The team will now start their immediate descent back to safety and photos from the summit will follow soon!!!

And without details on who he was with, Kami Rita Sherpa is reported to have summited for the second time this season for a record 24th time.

Next Wave: 250++ from Nepal Side

Jagged Globe is underway expecting to summit Wednesday morning May 22:

The Everest team are about to leave the South Col at 1930 local time. David expects it to be a long summit day (his InReach most likely won’t have enough battery for the entire climb). Teams have been leaving the South Col every hour since 1500hrs. There could be as many as 250 people going for the summit tonight.

Those were who were planning to move to Camp 3 or to the South Col today for a Wednesday, May 22 summit include:

  • Adventure Consultants
  • Asian Trekking
  • Climbing the Seven Summits (at South Col)
  • Dreamers Destination
  • Friends of the Himalaya
  • Jagged Globe (at South Col)
  • Madison Mountaineering
  • Mountain Professionals
  • Pioneer Adventures
  • Summit Climb
  • IMG

Tibet – No Winds!

The rope team is at 27,000-feet/8230-meters along with the Alpenglow Team leading the push to the summit in good weather.

Adrian Ballinger, Alpenglow,  gave me this update on his late Tuesday night:

First wave alpenglow summit push tonight with Tibetan rope fixers!!!!!! Groups moving from c2 and c3. Not a drop of wind at 8300m since 1pm! Fingers crossed! Rope fixers fixed to second step today in great conditions, returned to 8300 at 4pm. Will fix to summit early tomorrow if winds remain low

Furtenbach Adventures are making progress:

Flash team reached Camp2 at around 7.800m today and is heading for Camp 3 (8.300m) tomorrow! Classic team one day behind now at North Col (7.000) and aiming for Camp 2 tomorrow! Weather is fine, everyone in the team healthy and very motivated to finally conquer that mountain after this waiting game!

Many teams are moving up from ABC to the North Col and higher.  They include:

  • Chinese Team
  • 360 Expeditions7 Summits Treks
  • Alpenglow
  • Adventure Peaks
  • Furtenbach
  • Kobler
  • Summit Climb

I do my best to track the teams I can during the summit push but don’t have direct communication with any of them or know the status of any individual. You can see what I am seeing on the tracker table.

Climb On!
Memories are Everything!

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14 thoughts on “Everest 2019: Summit Wave 3 Recap, Wave 4 Underway 250 Expected

    1. They left today. We won’t hear anything for a day or two or more unless it comes through Alpenglow. Cory said no updates directly from them as they are not bringing comms gear other than radios.

  1. Hi Alan,

    I can’t find any current information for the HST and Myrmidon (are they combined under another name?) climbing teams. Do you know if they are also positioning for another summit attempt? Thanks for the great coverage!

        1. Sorry, yes, Myrmidon is on the tracker table, but don’t seem to have posted an update since May 15th.

  2. 1500 hrs is 3pm. Isn’t that kind of crazy early? Middle of the night descents seem…unsafe.

    1. That is early Tammi. Not sure of their strategy as it should take under 8 hours to summit and 4 to return. I assume they are trying to avoid crowds, but also might be a typo 🙂

  3. Alan, assuming the really early South Col departures are purely down to the volume of summit goers today/tonight/tomorrow?

    Seems a tough call to be placing folk on the summit in sheer darkness, but I guess needs must eh!!!

  4. you r doing a wondrful job Alan..!!! kudossss…i wanted to chk on Piyali Basak..who intends to summit everest and then lhotsey on consecutive days,,,,let me knw if u have any info…..thank u so much for all the collated updates from all around the himalays …..high five to u

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