Everest 2019: Summit Wave 4 Underway – Tiny Window – Update 3

Update 3: IMG reports summits:

Ms. Daphne de JongNetherlands
Sonam Tashi SherpaNepal
Ms. Fatima DeryanRepublic of Lebanon
Ang Karma SherpaNepal
Kami SherpaNepal
Mr. Julien Andre Maurice LaurentFrance
Mingma Dorjee SherpaNepal
Mr. Ralph KissoRepublic of Lebanon
Sonam Dorjee SherpaNepal
Thunang LhomiNepal
Mr. Ole Petter ThunesNorway
Pasang Kami SherpaNepal
Sona Chhiri SherpaNepal
Ms. Charlotte Adrienne AustinUSA
Phinjo Dorji SherpaNepal
Mr. Mark Ryan BallardCanada
Fura Gyalzen SherpaNepal
Mr. Adam Michael ClarkUSA
Jangbu SherpaNepal


What we are seeing are the winds at different velocities at different altitudes.

Update 2: from Alpenglow:  “From 27,000 feet

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4 thoughts on “Everest 2019: Summit Wave 4 Underway – Tiny Window – Update 3

  1. Any updates on Cory Richards and Topo climbing on the new route without O’s? I knew they were going dark for a bit but wondering if you had heard anything?

  2. Thanks Alan, its great keeping up with what is going on, thanks to you. I love Jake Norton’s picture of the ridge. And his respectful comments about Mallory and Irvine.

  3. Hi Alan!

    A BIG fan of your posts. Have been following along for years. Maybe you know this already and with that many people on the mountain i realize it is impossible to cover everything. In Denmark we have Rasmus Kragh attempting to summit for the third time without O’s. He’s attempted the north side twice (in 2017 and 2018) but failed to summit due to high winds. He’s currently 30 meters from camp 4 and will rest there for 3-5 hours before attempting to summit. Hopefully, he’ll be on the summit within the next 15-18 hours.

    This is probably not that special considering how many have summited without O’s already, but he is the first Dane that really looks like he’s going to pull it off. His progress can be followed here: http://www.rasmuskragh.com/rasmuslive/
    Scroll down a bit and those interested can watch the attempt live.

    Best regards

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