The Rains of Kilimanjaro

Alan in the rain
Alan in the rain
Yesterday ended with low clouds and today was full of rain. However we successfully climbed the Baranco Wall, 800 feet of moderate rock scrambling made even more difficult with wet, smooth surfaces.

The entire team took this on as a challenge and performed extremely well

With the lack of sun all my normal tools – Sat phone and portable computer have dead batteries. I am sending this from my iPhone!! We have EDGE service here at the Karanga Camp at 13, mind 250′

So I sit on this wet rock with a heavy fog all around. I will keep this short to save batteries for a summit call.

We leave around midnight tomorrow (Sunday) night.

The thought of our cause is made even more important with the views blocked, the trail difficult and the goal in sight.

Climb On!
Memories are Everything

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