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Mar 292021

As we approach the Everest 2021 season, a bit of a change of pace for today’s interview. I speak with Utah resident and Chicago-born David Roskelly.

We talk about the Volcanic Seven Summits and the High Point on the Moon in a Tesla. Roscoe is the only American to have climbed the Seven Summits (Messner list) AND the Volcanic Seven Summits, one of only 23 for the V7S and five for both versions of the 7S. We talk about the why, when, where, and how plus his next big project – to take a Tesla to the high point on the Moon!!!

Interview with Dave Roskelley
David Roskelley Inteview


Thanks, Dave for a fun interview

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  5 Responses to “Everest 2021: Video Interview with Dave Roskelley – The Volcanic Seven Summits and the High Point on the Moon in a Tesla”


    Great interview, Dave! Thanks for taking me along on some of your trips. 🙂


    John (and late son Jess) Roskelley are 2nd cousins of mine. We share a common great, great grandfather (Samuel Roskelley) from Cornwall in the U.K.


    Oops, I guess it’s spelled the same, but John Roskelley is the famous climber and father of the late Jess Roskelley.


    David Roskelly isn’t Jess’s father, John Roskelley is. Slight difference in spelling.


    I can’t see David Roskelly’s name without thinking of the tragic loss of his son Jess, and his companions David Lama and Hansjorg Ayer.

    I thought David Lama would be the great climber of his generation. Two years later it’s still painful.