Brief KIlimanjaro Summit Recap

Alan on Kilimanjaro Summit
Alan on Kilimanjaro Summit

While climbing Kilimanjaro was not the most difficult of my climbing life, getting down was perhaps in the top three! We made the summit is good time and style after leaving the Barafu Camp at 15, search 000′ around midnight. The climb to the summit crater rim was mostly in mild temperatures with clear skies and obviously in the dark.

As the sun rose over Mawenzi, search the adjacent excitement volcano and and part of the Kilimanjaro structure, we enjoyed almost perfect climbing conditions. The climb was on scree and dirt trails that switch backed endlessly reminding me of some of Colorado’s long scree climbs but this was at almost 19,000′.

Once at Stella point, the entry to the crater rim, the crater was fully visible as were a few of Kilimanjaro’s remaining glaciers. I took the quick 10 minute walk to reach the world famous sign at the true summit and enjoyed the views while posting the audio dispatch noting November as World Alzheimer’s Month.

The clouds covered the Savannah of Tanzina but it didn’t matter, the view was incredible. After an hour and half we left the top and returned in a swift two hours to Barafu, had a quick bite and left for Mweke camp to spend the night. That was when ‘it’ happened.

My experience demands a full update but the short story is I folded my right ankle over itself along an innocuous trail at 15,000′ It immediately swelled with a tennis ball sized lump on the outside near the ankle bone.

What transpired over the next 12 hours could be a movie, again for a future post. But after a long night in the Moshi hospital and an x-ray, it was a serous sprain but bad enough that I could not have walked off the high slopes of Kilimanjaro without the herculean aid of our local porter team.

I know this is a tease but I have to do something to keep you interested in following me! Full details when I get home but I am still planning of leaving for Carstensz Pyramid in mid October.

The full team is back down and feeling proud to have made the summit. 100% team success and hats off to IMG for a great trip.

OK, that is all for now,

Climb On!
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Kilimanjaro Glacier from the summit
Kilimanjaro Glacier from the summit
Climbing Kili at sunrise
Climbing Kili at sunrise

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8 thoughts on “Brief KIlimanjaro Summit Recap

  1. hi alan firstly congrats on yet another summit. rest and elevation with plenty of massage for the ankle my friend , your strong and will recover quick. its one hell of a decline back down over that loose scree , my legs were sore for days after .cant wait for your full report , safe trip home buddy.

    regards – nik

  2. Alan,it may hurt but it won’t stop you!!Thats for sure.It will heal and the sooner the better.Get well soon!!Best wishes to you on your fast recovery.

  3. Aww, man! Sorry to hear this. What a drag. As you know, movement (gentle), ice, compression, elevation (MICE). When you get home, swimming helps too. Later on, this will all make a wild story! See you soon.

  4. Hi to the Reckords too in Eugene…just stopped by your home over the Neveda game weekend, but you were gone. Hi to Eben too.

    John & Sioux Dahlem

  5. Alan…the old colateral ligament of the ankle…hopefully some color will start to show on the bottom of the ankle…that means you are healing. Lots of ice and keep a tight wrap on it…keep moving those toes and rehab it by lots of water therapy in the bathtub by moving the ankle around and then using your toes to pull in a towel and you will be dancing up Carstensz before your know it…super job and enjoy the safari.


  6. Hang in there Alan, you are super fit right now. That ankle will recover for the last two summits!

  7. We talked to Eben and glad to hear you are okay. We very much appreciate your posts.
    Nancy and Josh Reckord aka Eben’s mom and dad.

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