18 thoughts on “Manaslu 2013 Audio Dispatch

  1. Where In The World Is Alan Arnette. Please, someone yell this up into the highest mountains closest to Manaslu and wait to see if you hear Alan yell back. Question: Does a yodel actually bounce off of mountains?

  2. Thank you, Jim! We’re all anxious to hear of everyone’s safety & success – especially our good friend, Alan!

  3. Seven hours ago Altitude Pakistan reported: SUMMITs on Manaslu! Turkish climber Tunc Findik reportedly made it to the top at 09:30hrs local time. News awaited from rest of the teams.

  4. I got a brief message from Alan on 9/21 (early Saturday morning). He is well. They were leaving Saturday on the multi-day summit push. So he is out of communication for now, and will be for several more days. There is no way for him to know that his posts are not working, and no way to fix them right now. The plan is to summit Wednesday 9/25 – which is late Tuesday night 9/24 here in the USA. I know that Alan appreciates the great support and he will be back in touch 9/27 or so when he returns to basecamp. There is currently a bit more information about the summit push plans of Alan’s team at this blog: http://www.altitudejunkies.com/dispatchmanaslu13.html There may or may not be new information posted there over the next few days. Best wishes to Alan and his entire team. – Jim

  5. Thanks for the update Cathy. We all hang on every word when he does his fabulous postings, so no worries, we are just excited to read about the adventure. Thanks for keeping us up to date and positive energy to you and Alan both.

  6. I was thinking about you Cathy Arnette, and if you have contact with him? Do you worry a lot or accept the fact he is doing fine?

  7. There is a broken link somewhere. Sometimes this happens when you are trying to communicate from the middle of nowhere from half-way around the world. I have tried to contact Alan Arnette every way I know to let him know. Please be .

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