26 thoughts on “Manaslu 2013 Audio Dispatch

  1. I just read Cathy’s post! Congratulations to Alan & all the other climbers! Wishing you all a safe descent!

  2. boy! looking forward to hearing news…..my husband is on the climb with alt.junkies. have really enjoyed alan’s blogs so the “technical difficulties” of the his latest blogs are creating even greater anticipation for word from the mountain!

  3. No word from Alan yet (as expected), but saw this favorable report on Twiter from 10 hours ago: from @Raheel_Adnan: Austrian Ski #Manaslu team reports good conditions from the mountain. They too are hopeful about joining the summit bid, tomorrow.

  4. Yes, Paul Perea.. I agree.. Instead I am in the office :). It is about 5 am in Nepal now on Sept 25th. If the planned schedule remained on target, Alan should be nearing the top pretty soon… (we do not know for sure, and will not know for another few days. Standing by…)

  5. Still ” page not found” anyway, climb on, Alan. You r almost there !! Is summit day still 25th ? U can do it!!

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