K2 2018 Summer Coverage: K2 Summit Push Delayed

K2 Basecamp 2014 by Alan Arnette

Well, it looks like the heavy snow a couple days ago did delay some K2 teams on their summit push with most of the K2 teams have delayed their ascent schedule by one day. It looks like Friday and Saturday will be the big days followed by another push in about a week – if the weather holds. The heavy snow on Wednesday came as a bit of a surprise.

K2 – Summits Not on Thursday, but Maybe Friday and Probably Saturday?

Dawa Sherpa of Seven Summits Treks (SST) says their plans have changed due to weather:

SST team changed the plan, we scheduled 20th for final rope fixing and 21st summit push with members.
All team members are safe in higher camps!! Mingma David Sherpa (leading member of Elite himalayan adventures) and Mingma Tenjen Sherpa are now, fixing rope above Camp 4 (7800m), rest of sherpa are in C4, and members + some sherpas are in Camp 3.

But Summit Climb‘s said their team was on their push hoping to summit Friday, 20 July which is doubtful since SST is fixing the ropes.

The Japanese team reported in on Thursday 19 July that “all of the eight members who attempt summit push are staying at Camp 3.” he K2 skier, Andrzej Bargiel is lookinng to summit on 21 July noting, “I’m on my way to camp ii on the way road where Janusz Gołąb-8A Team is waiting for me, and tomorrow morning, we’re going to the entrance to the summit is planning on July 21th. Fingers crossed!

Jason Black reported that the Madison team was returning to K2 base camp after a difficult night with the heavy snow, but later Lisa Thompson posted via her Garmin InReach they would hold on and stay at C2. Nothing official from Madison Mountaineering as of this post.

Furtenbach Adventures will begin their climb in a few days after their successful Broad Peak summit. Also  Fredrik Sträng, and David Roeske “hope for a summit push within one week”. Lets hope the weather holds for them … the winds look to be picking up.

Broad Peak

Summit Climb‘s team said their push is tonight, Thursday, 19 July. The Chilean climbers Sebastian Rojas and Diego Señoret hope to summit in a couple of days.

Nanga Parbat

The Czech team has left for the summit also tonight, Thursday, 19 July

Gasherbrum I

Luis Stitzinger summited on 18 July. This was his eighth 8000er, all without supplement Os.

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