Everest 2019: Summit Wave 5 Underway – Update 5

Update 5:

  • Benegas Brothers summited
  • Furtenbach “Flash” team summited
  • Adventure Consultants posted their summiteers:
    • Alexander Pancoe
    • Roman Tschupp – main team member
    • Guide – Rob Smith – 6th summit
    • Passang Bhote – 11th summit
    • Chheten Dorji Sherpa – 7th summit
    • Guru Bhote – 2nd summit
    • Passang Angyu Bhote – 3rd summit

Update 4:

  • Sam James Taylor of the For Ranger team has made the summit with not named Sherpas.
  • On the Tibet side, summits are bring reported: Climbalaya team for successfully summiting. Mingma Sherpa at base camp reported that seven clients summited at 5:58 am with seven Sherpas. Guide Valentyn Sypavin, Pavel, Ekaterina Klenova, Vitalii , Kozubskyi, Pavlo Sydorenko, Catherine Marcelle Rosa Vulliez, Kuntal, Parth Upadhyaya, Dawa Tenzing Sherpa, Chhiring Wangchu Sherpa, Nima Nuru Sherpa, Mingma nuru Sherpa, Gyaluk Sherpa, Phurba Sherpa, Mingma Nuru Sherpa (A).

Update 3: Adventure Consultants reported summits at 5.15am, 23 May 2019. Lydur Gudmundsson, Iceland Leifer Svavarsson, Iceland Chhewang Dorji Sherpa, Nepal Dawa Bhote, Nepal Dawa Wongchu Sherpa

Update 2: Looks like one of the first summits on the Nepal side is from IMG’s Bruce Terry around 6 am

Update 1: Crowds are reported below the Balcony on the Nepal side slowing people down … again. Winds are reported to be light on both sides.

After a huge day on May 22 with an estimated 300 total summits from both sides, May 23 is shaping up to be just as large. There were reports of two to three hour delays near what is left of the Hillary Step yesterday.

It looks like the winds are calm now on both sides on the mountain and may stay that way through Friday when they are expected to pick back up on Saturday, May 25.  Summit Wave 5 is underway

Nepal – Calm Winds, Summits Bids Underway

The summit pushes have begun. They are looking to top out on Thursday morning, May 23. Teams on the move include:

Adventure Consultants:

The Adventure Consultants 2019 Everest Summit Bid for Alex and Rob has begun! Ang Dorjee called in via radio from Camp 4 to let know that Alex, Rob and the main team are heading off at 9.50pm local Nepal time.  Current conditions at the South Col are calm and clear, and what a fantastic way to start.

Benegas Brothers Expeditions

Team below Balcony! Here they will change bottles take a short rest!

International Mountain Guides (IMG)

Greg reports that our second Everest team have passed the Balcony and are moving smoothly. It is a nice night and the winds are light.

Madison Mountaineering

We are planning to leave this evening at 9:00 PM for our summit attempt.  Hopefully reaching the top the next morning, which will be May 23rd.  So, everybody’s doing great up here, the team did excellent coming up to high camp yesterday.

Summit Climb

Tonight at 8 PM second team will GO for the Summit. Wish them best up luck.

For Rangers

Sam James Taylor has carried on with the team and is currently at Camp 4, exhausted after a few massive days but ready to attempt the final 12-hour push to the summit.

Other teams that were expected to go up tonight but not verified include:

  • Dreamers Destination
  • Friends of the Himalaya
  • Mountain Professionals
  • HST/Myrmidon second team

Tibet – Ropes to Summit, No Winds

Everest 2019 Rope Fixers on Tibet side. Courtesy of Alpenglow

Usually teams on the Tibet side like to talk about how uncrowded it is compared to the Nepal, but this year with the compressed summit windows, both are seeing similar problems.

Alexander Abramov of 7 Summits Club posted:

Now the first team is staying for the night at 7700. All members came to the camp for 4.5-5 hours.  Everything is OK..  But here is too many people. At least 150 people are going to the summit at the same time…

The summit pushes have begun looking to top out on Thursday morning, May 23. Teams on the Tibet side on the move include:

360 Expeditions

The whole team are at camp 3. 8,300m. The launching spot for their summit bid.

Furtenbach Adventures

Flash now at Camp 3 – only 500m below summit… Resting for the upcoming SUMMIT PUSH!

Kobler & Partner

This morning we go on Mt. #Everest towards Camp III at 8300 m.

Other teams that were expected to go up tonight but not verified include:

I do my best to track the teams I can during the summit push but don’t have direct communication with any of them or know the status of any individual. You can see what I am seeing on the tracker table.

Climb On!
Memories are Everything!

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17 thoughts on “Everest 2019: Summit Wave 5 Underway – Update 5

  1. Dear Alan,
    Can you please find out if Romil Barthwal leading Indian army Team is back to base camp safe..All I know is that they have successfully climbed summit ..It would be a great help if you could find any info about him .
    Thanks in Advance

      1. Okay !! Thanks !! Following you 24×7 with hopes of hearing good news about the Team too ..

  2. Tibet team seems awfully…slow. Those times are concerning. Sherpas and climbers must be tired.
    Hoping for a safe return to Base for all.

  3. From Adventure Consultants Annette ate Base Camp:

    At 5.55am we have the first of our main team on the summit of Mt Everest:

    Sophie Hilaire! USA and at 6.15am Greg Johnson! UK / Australia

    Accompanying them were:
    Guide – Ang Dorjee Sherpa – 20th Summit
    Sherpa Team:
    Rinji Sherpa – 6th Summit
    Pemba Sherpa – 3rd Summit
    Dawa Gelje Sherpa – 1st Summit
    Nima Chiri Sherpa – 10th Summit

    Special congratulations to Ang Dorjee with this being his 20th Summit.


      1. Looks like he got his pics, made his calls, and moved down pretty quick. Smart.

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