Interview with Nabin Trital of Expedition Himalaya

Over the last five years, much of the guiding business in Nepal has shifted from foreign-owned companies to Nepali owned and based guide services. One is Expedition Himalaya owned and run by Nabin Trital. I caught up with him to check on his business and get his thoughts on recent announcements and prices increase from China.

Q: Nabin you have run a trekking agency for years in Kathmandu and helped many expeditions obtain permits and run expeditions. When did you begin your business? Who has been some of your more famous clients?

I have been engaged in running expeditions since 2006. In the year 2011, I partnered with Da Gelje Sherpa who himself is a seven time Everest Summiter as well as has climbed many other peaks, and opened Expedition We have been in operation since then and have been working with many companies from around the globe such as Altitude Junkies (Phil Crampton), as well as agents such as Jamie Mcguinness, Kevin Cherilla, Renan Ozturk, Bill Allen, Scott Woolums, and others.

Q: Now you also run your own trips with your company, Expedition Himalaya for many 8000 meter peaks and others in Nepal. How do your expeditions differ from other Nepali owned expedition companies?

Since our establishment, we have run several expeditions with a successful summit rate of 80%. Some of the popular expeditions that we operate are Everest Expedition South SideAmadablam Expedition, Manaslu Expedition, Makalu Expedition, etc. We believe we are different than other operators in Nepal as we believe in providing best and quality service to the clients with regards to their needs. We have warehouses at different places equipped with high-quality equipment such as tents, communication equipment and safety equipment. Our sherpas are highly experienced and trained who have summited many 8000-meter peaks.

Q: Similarly, how do your expeditions differ from other foreign-owned expedition companies?

While comparing our expedition to the foreign-owned expedition companies, the major difference is in terms of prices. Expedition run by foreign companies is led by western leaders.

Q: There has been a lot of talk about new rules and experience requirements for Everest climbers, including a $35,000 minimum price for an Everest expedition including permit fees. Has any of this been approved and if so will it be enforced?

The government of Nepal has issued this news in order to standardize the expedition and eliminate unhealthy competition. There has not been any final verdict about the same. As for me, I think it is a good idea as this will avoid unhealthy competition. If the climbers are experienced then it will be easy for the Sherpa climbers to assist them as well as there will be fewer fatalities in the mountain.

Q: Now that China has dramatically increased their pricing for Everest, and the other 8000 meter peaks, do you think that will make the Nepal side to be more crowded with climbers choosing Nepal over Tibet?

The royalty for the Tibet expedition has definitely increased drastically. There is a high chance that the clients might shift to the Nepal side. However, the clients who are passionate to climb the mountain from the Northside will stick regardless of the price.

Q: Anything else you want to add about you and your company?

Recently I have been appointed as the senior vice president of the Trekking Agents Association of Nepal also an executive board member of Expedition Operators Association of Nepal. For the year 2020, we are looking forward to running Everest Expeditions along with other 8000m peaks. Also to promote visit Nepal 2020, we are also offering special discounts.

For Spring 2020, we are charging USD $35,000 per climber for Everest Expedition from the South Side. However, due to the very recent price increase for the Tibet side, we are in the process of calculating what the price will be for the North Side.

Thanks, Nabin and best of luck this spring.

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