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2020 Season Cancelled due to Coronavirus

Raising Prayer Flags over Everest Base CampRaising Prayer Flags over Everest Base CampWelcome to the 2020 edition of Alan Arnette’s annual coverage of the Everest climbing season. I try to provide insight and interpretation of the activities ranging from routes to weather to the challenge and reward of climbing Everest.

It’s based on my own three Everest attempts and my 2011 summit plus my climbing experiences of a K2 summit in 2014, Manaslu in 2013 and 30+ more peaks around the world. My reporting uses my own research, sources, and public information.

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2020 Season Cancelled due to Coronavirus

2019 Stats

Read Alan’s complete Everest 2019 Season Summary

  • Nepal closes Everest due to Coronavirus
  • China closes the Tibet side of Everest due to Coronavirus
  • The Everest 2019 season is over with a member summit rate of 73% on the Nepal side
  • My preliminary stats show:
    • Nepal: 292 members, 368 support for 660 total
    • Tibet: 106 members, 110 support for 216 total
    • Deaths: 11
      • COUNTRY
        • Nepal: 9
        • Tibet: 2
        • “Low-cost” Operators: 8
        • “High-End” Operators: 3
      • REASON
        • Crowd Related: 3
        • Fall: 1
        • Health: 3
        • Altitude Related: 8

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South Col Route (map)

locations are for the majority of each team, individuals may be higher or lower

2019 Stats – Will be Updated for 2020

Everest only TEAMS
(362 members/16 western guides)
C4 S.Col
Summits (foreigners/Sherpas)
Fixed Line Progress
Facebook for AC TwitterforAC Adventure Consultants: 7/4 64% member summit
Facebook for AAI Alpine Ascents Int.: 11/2 – 84% member summit
Facebook for IMGAsian Trekking (27)
Facebook for CTSS CTSS – Mike Hamill: 29/5 – 79% member summit
Facebook for IMGHimex: 5/2 – 80% member summit
Facebook for IMG IMG: 22/0 – 63% member summit
Imagine Nepal (10/0) 80% member summit
Facebook for IMG Twitter for PF Jagged Globe : 9/1 85% member summit
Facebook for MT Twitter for PF Madison Mountaineering 15/3-73% member smt
Satori Adventures 13/0 – 69% member summit
Facebook for SC Twitter for PF Summit Climb  6/1 – 100% member summit
Facebook for SC Twitter for PFSeven Summits Treks International: 15/0 66%
Facebook for SC Twitter for PFSeven Summits Treks: Indian Army: 13/0 84%
Facebook for SC Twitter for PFSeven Summits Treks (15/0) Chinese
Facebook for SCTranscend Adventures :6/1-50% member summit
others (est)

Northeast Ridge Route (map)

locations are for the majority of each team, individuals may be higher or lower

C1 N.Col
Summits (foreigners/Sherpas)
Fixed Line Progress
Facebook for AG Twitterfor AG 360 Expeditions
Facebook for AGAdventure Int’l
Facebook for AG Twitterfor AG Alpenglow
Facebook for AT Twitter for AAI Adventure Peaks
Facebook for AT Twitter for AAI7 Summits Treks/Arnold Coster
Climbalaya/Satori Adventures
Facebook for IMG Twitter for PF Furtenbach Adventures
Facebook for SC Twitter for PF Kobler & Partner
Facebook for SC Twitter for PF Summit Climb
Facebook for SCTranscend Adventures
Facebook for SC 7 Summits Club
others (est)
LEGEND T/D=Trek/Driving to BC, K=Kathmandu, La=Lhasa, Lo=Lobuche, e=climb ended, x=last reported location, x+ =on summit bid, -x =descending h=high sleep point, t=touched not slept. Summit number=member/Sherpa. Locations estimated from public websites. Please refer to each expedition’s site for current information. Contact me to add/remove your team from my coverage.

Other Teams

Not providing enough updates to track or comment

(91 members/0 western guides)
Alpine Sherpa Guide: 1 member, 1 Sherpa
Himalaya Expeditions (7-S, 16-N): NSG Indian Army: 7 members, 7 Sherpas
Facebook for AT Twitter for AAI Ascent Himalayas 7 members, 7 Sherpas  53% member summit
Facebook for IMG Twitter for PFDreamers Destination :5/8 100% member summit
Everest Quest 7 members 7 Sherpas  77% member summits
Happy Feet  4 members, 4 Sherpas
Himalayan Guides
Himalayan Experience: 4 members 3 Sherpas 57% member summits
Himalaya Expedition
Himalaya Expedition – Indian Army (12-S/0)
Himalayan Traverse (3/0)
Kaitu Expedition 12 members, 16 Sherpas –  100% member summit
Myrmidon Expeditions (9-S) 0 members/0 Sherpas
Glacier Himalaya (4-S)
Pioneer Adventure  1 member, 2 Sherpa12/22 – 80% member summit
Rolwaling (4/0)
Summit Nepal Treks (7-S)

I did similar coverage for the 2004,  2005,  2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012201320142015, 2016, 2017, 20182019 and now 2020 seasons. I summited Everest on May 21, 2011, and have attempted Everest three other times – 2002, 2003, 2008 and Lhotse in 2015 and 2016. If you will forgive the self-promotion Outside Magazine posted an extensive interview with me and called me “one of the world’s most respected chronicler of Everest”

I do this coverage for one reason only, raising awareness and funds to find a way to slow, stop or prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. If you visit often and appreciate this site, please consider a donation to an Alzheimer’s nonprofit. 100% goes to them, nothing ever to me. Click this link to understand my personal journey with AD that took Ida Arnette in 2009.
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Everest Weather
Base CampSummit
not intended to replace professional forecasts or for critical decisions

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