Video Interview with Kuntal Joisher – 100% Vegan Mountain Climber

Every person who climbs Everest is unique. So, of course, that person feels special, but some stand out. Take Kuntal Joisher, for example. He has summited Everest from the Tibet and Nepal sides, plus Lhotse, and completed many other amazing adventures like the Northern Icecap in Chile. But what makes Kuntal stand out is his dedication to a vegan lifestyle that goes all the way to shunning any item that uses animal products – including using a full synthetic climbing suit.

We discuss how he got to this point, his outstanding photography skills, and what it’s like being an ambassador for “Save the Ducks.” We also discuss his next climbing project his passion for bodybuilding and photography. Finally, we share a common family situation with my mom, Ida, and his father, both dying from forms of Dementia, Lewy Body syndrome, and Alzheimer’s.

You can read more about him on his website and social media channels, Facebook and Instagram.

Interview with Kuntal Joisher


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2 thoughts on “Video Interview with Kuntal Joisher – 100% Vegan Mountain Climber

  1. Great discussion, Kuntal & Alan! Information, inspiration and fun all at the same time. As a long-time vegetarian, this piece has inspired me to go truly vegan.
    PS-Can you share your recipe for the homemade vegan yogurt you mentioned on your website?;-)

  2. I greatly admire the Vegan lifestyle because of its sustainabillity & it helps climate change.
    Also I heard there was going to be a summit attempt this year which aims to be the first “Net neutral Carbon Emmission” climb, which is an awesome challange! But how will this be accomplished? I am absolutely fascinated by this. What will be the extra challenges for this climber, & how will he overcome them?
    Anyway,sending my best wishes to you Kuntal, sir. Big resptect from a fellow animal lover.

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