Everest 2022: Summit Wave 6 – Recap

Believe it or not, Everest keeps on coming on with day five. Some with huge numbers and large support ratios. At least 27 more summits Monday Morning, May 16, 2022, bringing the total on both sides to 396 on the Neal side and another 50 on the Tibet side. More going for Tuesday, depending on the winds. They are forecasted to gust to 45mph/70 kph on Monday night. By my count, there are around 40 to 60 people left to summit.

Monday morning recap:

Pioneer Adventure got two on the  summit a bit before 5 am:

• Satish Sir
• Pasang Sherpa

Monday morning, May 16, 2022, between 4 – 6:40 am. Another huge team with massive support, 11 members with 16 Sherpas, summits. Mingma G‘s Imagine Nepal reports:

1. Abdul Muhammad (Pakistan)
2. Liu wenwei (China)
3. Hai QIANNAN (China)
4. Anna surysheva (Russian)
5. Nathan Peter Longman (Australia)
6. Feng jianfei (china)
7. zhan xiongchang (china)
8. Miss montana twinprai (Thailand)
9. Raju lama (nepal)
10. Ramkumar shrestha (nepal
11. Suraj Paudyal (Nepal)
12. Mingma G ( With out oxygen)
13. Dawa Tenjin Sherpa (Nepal)
14. Ngima Nuru Sherpa (Nepal)
15. Pasang Bhote (Nepal)
16. Mingma Chhiri Sherpa (Nepal)
17. Chhiring Sherpa (Nepal)
18. Tenjin Salaka Bhote (Nepal)
19. Furtemba Sherpa (Nepal)
20. Sonam Tashi Sherpa (Nepal)
21. Kili Pemba Sherpa (Nepal)
22. Angdu Sherpa (Nepal)
23. Thiley Sherpa (Nepal)
24. Pasang Dawa Sherpa (Nepal)
25. Jamchang Bhote (Nepal)
26. Densa Bhote (Nepal)
27. Ngima Dorjee Sherpa (Nepal)

IMG added a few more names from Sunday, Amy 15:

  • Hoa Lam (Canada)
  • Hunter Blythe Argenbright (USA)
  • Ang Karma Sherpa (8th Summit; Nepal)
  • Mingma Sona Sherpa (5th Summit; Nepal)
  • Darinji Sherpa (5th Summit; Nepal)
  • Nuru Jangbu Sherpa (Nepal)

There are still over 100 people ready for Summit Wave 7 this week as long as the winds stay calm. Stay tuned. Teams still ready to summit include:

Postscript. I asked Dr. Hemant Leuva, for the names of the Sherpas who supported the Satori summit, and he provided;

1. Mingma Temba Sherpa, Sherpa sirdar
2. Lhakpa Sherpa
3. Pema Sherpa
4. Furte Sherpa
5. Anup Rai
6. Pemba Oingdi Sherpa
7. Nima Sherpa
8. Phurba Sherpa
9. Tendi Sherpa
10. Ongdak Shepa 
He added. “It’s definitely very important to give credit to Sherpas without whose support commercial climb is not possible. Climbers like me are nothing without Sherpa support. I didn’t provide names earlier as I was not sure about full names of few Sherpa.”
1. Dr. Hemant Leuva, India
2. Dr. Surbhi Leuva, India
3. Dr. Somat Chetariya, India
4. Rahul Bhairwah, India
5. Devin Gala, USA
6. Luca Montanari, Italy
7. Andrea Lanfri, Italy.

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