Everest 2022: Summit Wave 10 – Recap

Lhotse Plume

Another 20 summited on Saturday. Now it one team at a time. No rush..

Summit Climb reports in with, “Now 8 members are on the summit with 8 Sherpas. One member and one Sherpa are still below the summit, coming up slowly. We send them all thoughts and prayers of encouragement and hope they will make it! ” One without Os.

Late coming is that Ngima Nuru Sherpa achu Pasang Dawa Sherpa for 24th and 25th summits and Rajendra Thakuri for his first summit. It’s unclear if they were ‘guiding’ clients or just did it to get another summit on their CV.

This rare month of almost no winds on the summit of Everest has made for one of the calmest, smoothest, quietest seasons in history. Compared to the 2019 mess, this year is how it should be. But of course, the guides and climbers had nothing to do with it; all gratitude goes to Mother Nature. More summits Saturday morning.

But it has come at a cost. Northern India stills suffer from the unbearable heat, all brought on by climate change. We can expect to see this highly variable weather across all the world’s mountains, Time to adjust to a new normal.

Tonight Summit Climb is up:

The SummitClimb team is in place on Everest South Col (camp 4). 9 members and 9 Sherpas. They reached South Col last night, after a challenging climb up from Camp 3.  Today they rested on the South  Col, eating, drinking, and napping. It was windy on the Col today, mainly due to the venturi effect. Tonight’s forecast calls for winds dropping to 5 Kph, so our team plans to take advantage of it and head out for the summit after dinner. We shall keep you updated as soon as we hear more. Thanks for following our expedition and sending our thoughts and prayers to the team!

And 8K Peaks is preparing for the summit Monday, May 23, 2022. They are now at C3. 

Believe it or not, there are still teams on Makalu, and a couple are left for Everest, but with Maddison’s summit, the season is virtually over.
I’ll be publishing my annual season summary in a few days. I estimate 525 Nepal summits by 203 members supported by 323 Sherpas. 50 Summits on the Tibet side. You can see my estimated summit totals by team on the Tracking Table

Stay tuned.

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  1. Alan, so isn’t this an unprecedented year because there has only been one death reported? Amazing. Thanks for this great reporting! Claudia

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